Rouen Release Final Track With Original Vocalist ‘Andy’ – You Won’t Get Far (With A Wooden Sword) [feat. Orlaith Maguire]



Dublin based Rouen have released what may possibly be their last track? The band were on the rise in a big way this year. A Metal To The Masses final and everything seemed to be pointing towards a great future. They appeared from literally nowhere with their debut single ‘Breed’ in January and then it all just stopped like it suddenly started. 

They released these statements. 






Shout-out to Andy for leaving the band, godspeed in Canada. Thanks to Orlaith also for her amazing contribution x This is our last upload before we re-assess how we’ll continue on, thank you to everyone who came to a show, bought a shirt or showed support by listening, we appreciate it. We’ll be back. x Recorded at Trackmix Recording Studio, Blanchardstown. Mixed and Mastered by Rouen/glasseyed.

I’ll be keeping an eye on what happens. Andy was a great fromtman so big shoes to fill… 

Time shall tell what happens next! 


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