Scimitar Release New EP …Of Blood & Fire



Belfast based what were once Thrashers Scimitar have just released a brand new three track EP …Of Blood & Fire. Quite a surprise considering they released their debut album’Behead The Beast’ was released late last year. 

They released this statement. 

WARRIORS! ‘Scimitar – …of Blood & Fire’, our new 3 Track E.P. has been released and is stream-able from Bandcamp & Youtube immediately.

1. Fireborne 03:55
2. Witching Hour 03:54
3. Usurper of the Throne 06:04


…of Blood & Fire is a 3 track E.P. recorded and mastered by JSR Audio & Scimitar’s own John Thompson.

Scimitar take influence from Thrash, Black and Melodic Death Metal on this E.P. The concept explores medieval battle, demons unleashed on the Witching Hour, black magic and the horrors of surviving a world engulfed in Blood & Fire.

Released: April 20, 2018 (420)

Recording, Mixing & Mastering: 
JSR Audio: Josh Sid Robinson 
Scimitar: John Thompson

Photography: Wayne Donaldson Photography & Video

It’s definitely a different path musically from their album and I’m really liking this EP. It’s still Scimitar, but better in my opinion. I like their previous releases but this is really good. The Black metal style guitar tone is excellent and all three tracks benefit from it in my humble opinion. There’s also some amazing lead guitar work in these songs with a few excellent solos thrown in. 

Without doubt their finest release to date in my opinion, and an EP I’ll be listening to again and again. 





1. Fireborne

2. Witching Hour

3. Usurper of the Throne


BIOGRAPHY: Scimitar are a Thrash Metal band from Belfast, Northern Ireland formed in May 2011. The band wrote music for around a year, before performing their live debut in June 2012 in The Warzone Centre, Belfast. Since then our fans’ reaction and support has been overwhelming; we received an amazing response from the local Belfast Metal scene and shared our music with local and touring bands with shows in Belfast & Dublin. Scimitar have been provided with unreal support slots with world touring bands thanks to The Distortion Project, DME Promotions & Shizznigh Productions including: Exhumed, Gama Bomb, Hatred, Evile, Arnocorps, Power Trip, Thrash Metal legends Onslaught & Teutonic Thrash master’s Sodom. Our first tour covering Belfast, Dublin & Galway took place in January 2016 with Helsinki Thrash giants Axegressor on the Annihilation of Mortals III Tour. Scimitar played Thrashersaurus Festival, Norwich, UK in April 2017 with Anihilated, Shrapnel & Onslaught. The band released it’s debut E.P ‘The Act Of War’ in March 2013 featuring 6 original tracks recorded by Start Together Studio sound engineer Niall Doran. A second E.P followed in October 2014 entitled ‘Plague In The Vatican’, featuring 3 original tracks recorded by Scimitar guitarist John Thompson. ‘Where Darkness Dwells’, Scimitar’s debut Album was released 27th August 2017 & their first official music video ‘Behead The Beast’ was released October 15th 2017. 




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