Scottish Metal Band BEARERS Release Video For New Single ‘PREY’

Young Glaswegian metal band BEARERS have released a video for their new single ‘PREY’, The track is taken from their first ever release, debut full-length Inhumation, which is out on 13th September 2019. 

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An impressively powerful record, combining adept technicality and brutal melody, Inhumation is a no-holds-barred forty minutes, as much Architects as Northlane or Monuments.

A very young band whose instrumental members are only 20-23, BEARERS are already drawing the attention of the likes of Make Them Suffer and Lotus Eater, whose vocalist Jamie Mclees features on ‘Confessions’. Prior to joining BEARERS, the band members had variously been in Initium QuietusShattered Horizons, and almost-namesake Bearers of the Divide.

Unsurprisingly given such company, Inhumation is a relentless release from BEARERS, whose vocalist Jase played through a dislocated knee and torn tendons on the band’s second ever show. Modern metal at its finest, this is an album which combines the best of honest metalcore, groove metal and just a hint of post-hardcore, without letting up.

The album takes the brutality of the music into the lyrical themes, basing the release on the violence possible and inherent in real people and real killers, and showing the damage these monsters can cause with their actions and their repercussions. For example, lead track ‘PREY’ centres on this predator-prey interaction, and the randomness of survival. Safe to say, this is an album savage in noise and outlook.

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