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Belfast/Derry based Selene sent us on their debut album which was released in late 2015 a few weeks back. This one I was dreading! Symphonic Metal just doesn’t do anything for me at all. I’ve caught Nightwish, Within Temptation among others at festivals over the years, but it’s not a genre I’d listen to… 

That and the fact a band member said a few things about me online in the past. Hence I never actually checked them out before as I was at the time, ” Fuck you and your shite band!”. I don’t hold onto things though. I’d probably have a few tumours at this point if I did…

So, considering I’m not a fan of this genre and think one of them is a cunt. What do I think of this album?  It’s fucking excellent! At no point did I ever consider skipping to the next track and found myself really, really enjoying this incredible album! 

It’s an amazing body of work, and every time I listen to it I find another track I appreciated more than last time… 

I could do a really in dept breakdown of the tracks etc, but this is Symphonic Metal at its finest and another phenomenal release from a band from this small island of ours! 

I’d highly recommend this band to anyone, and it’s great to see they play their first Belfast based headline show on November 5th. They really should tackle Europe if at all possible though. The European market would eat this up and their stock would raise in a huge way! To the point major festivals would be a distinct possibility in a short space of time!  

Selene. I salute you! 



Check out “Dorian” here! 


Selene are: 

Shonagh Lyons: Vocals

John Connor: Guitar/Keyboards

Thomas Alford: Bass

Cameron Åhslund-Glass: Drums


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