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Dublin based Skewered have released their second LP “Deathmethyltryptamine” and not only is it nigh on impossible to spell. It’s also one of the best Death Metal albums of 2016 in my humble opinion. 

I’ve been aware of the band now since 2013 and while I appreciated their previous work, nothing prepared me for this! I really can’t emphasise enough how good this album is! 

The LP is 12 tracks long and at no point do you ever even consider skipping a track or turning it off. It’s full of everything a top class Death Metal release requires. Amazing drumming. Incredible lead guitar work. Hooks everywhere. This really is an immense release! 

The lads are now signed to LA based Stillbirth Records, so hopefully this association will aid them in regards to international growth and exposure. 

This is hands down one of the best Death Metal releases of 2016! 


Check out “Vicious Mucus” here!



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