Snowblind Release New Song ‘Judgement’



Snowblind were formed in late 2011 by drummer Jake McCarthy and guitarist Sean Boland. Ian Mckeon joining on Bass and Vocals in February 2012. 

Dublin based and now formerly thrash metal band Snowblind have evolved! Seriously evolved if I’m honest. They were moving in a more prog based direction with their last release ‘Split Of Oak’, but this was unexpected. This is closer to Rush sound wise than their earlier thrash works. 

The track comes in at 9:14 in length and like any great prog song it doesn’t feel that long and kept me hooked throughout. I don’t actually know what to say about this track. It has really caught me off guard. It’s a brilliant track though. Their best work to date without absolute question and the rebirth of Snowblind has me more than a little interested. I want more! Where is it? When will it come out? How long do I have to wait? 

In all seriousness, it’s great to see the lads back releasing material as they were always among our most underrated bands. This track should go a way in changing that though and if this is anything to go by? Snowblind will be ascending to the next level in a fair and just world. 

One of the better tracks I’ve heard all year. No doubt about it! Snowblind are back! Well, so to speak… 

They released this statement today! 

**New Song – JUDGEMENT**

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and original artwork by Symmetry Industry Studios.

We had a great experience recording this song at SIS, and we intend to get back in the studio to record an E.P very soon.

Now…..give us 9 minutes and 14 seconds of your miserable existence.



Recorded mixed and mastered at Symmetry Industry Studios. For more info visit…

Symmetry Industry Studios:


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