Strawberry Stew Release First Single ‘Spirit Man’


Dublin based Grunge/Alternative metal band Strawberry Stew have released their first single ‘Spirit Man’. 

We covered them last year under their old band name which escapes me now and all the potential I saw in that band is starting to happen. They replaced their then drummer which was a good idea as he was clearly the weak link. Harsh but true! Like any young band they were still finding their feet and the obvious talent was in Jordan Crawford (Guitar) and Tony Keyes (Vocals,Bass guitar). They have now found their drummer in Korey Thomas and next year promises to be a good one for them with their next release incoming. 

This track is a reworking of one of their better songs from their previous release, but outside the songs nucleus it’s an entirely different animal now. They were correct to keep certain songs from that era of the band as they were too good to just cast aside and focus on an entirely new set. 

In vocalist Tony they have a young Eddie Vedder basically. There’s other grunge influences in there also but that’s fine by me. I grew up in that era so I have fond memories of that time. Ironic for such self centered depressing millennial music, but it helped shape the miserable bastard I am today! 

I was correct about this band. I saw a clear work in progress by a group of very young lads and forgave obvious issues as it was a self financed debut release by kids basically. The rawness of it all also sat well with me as it was a great marker for them to work off. 

Time has moved on, and this band are ready to start making the step to the next level. One to file under massive potential and I expect them to do great things in 2019. 

They released this statement today. 



We want to say a special thank you to Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso for guesting on this track with us, and to Greg Halford for putting up with our constant mixing complaints.

We will be releasing an EP in 2019 with all new tracks we’re working on currently, but until then here is Spirit Man.





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