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Carlow based Subsist have revealed the identity of their new vocalist and getting ready to move onto bigger and better things! They released this statement on the matter. 

So as alot of you guys may already know, a few months back we were forced to kick our old vocalist Daniel from the band due to personal reasons. But instead of calling it a day we decided to keep pushing, We have played one show since with help from our brother Patrick Scanlon from Heel Of Achilles which we are very grateful for.

With all that being said we needed a more permanent fixture to the band, So we would like to welcome Jimmy Rogers as our new vocalist, I have been personally friends with Jimmy for a good while now and he brings a really good positive attitude to the band and we are all alot happier with him.

This of course starts a new chapter for SUBSIST which we are all very excited about and cannot wait to get back playing, writing and most of all get back to the studio ♥

Our first show with Jimmy is Next Saturday the 17th supporting Antidotes w/ Minus Ten Thousand Hours and Sectile in Fibber Magees! Free entry so get down and show Jimmy a warm of a welcome as he deserves.

– Jake

Ricky Shortall – Drums
Jimmy Rogers -Vocals
Mark Gavin – Guitar
Jake Deverill – Bass
Aran Byrne – Guitar

Photo by Fox Bolt Photography


A band with a lot of potential so this could prove to be a great move for them. They seem to be all on the same page, so we at Burning Metal wish them well! 

Here’s a track they recorded with their previous vocalist, but gives you an idea of the bands sound! 



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