Carlow based Subsist have been very quite in the recent times. That’s all set to change though! I was informed by two band members at the Metal To The Masses final that they have a new EP in the works and hyped for what they have coming! 
The lads have already supported Chelsea Grin and Evil Scarecrow. To include members who were previously in other bands.  Put that all together and all have learned the lessons needed to succeed as a band and improve. 
Certain members were busy with college stuff and ensuring their education instead of chasing a pipe dream. Which will also stand to them as you always need a plan A,B,C and D in this life… 
They’re getting ready to come back and hit it hard so get to know this band. Great potential here and their first single proved that. Considering they’re hyped about their new material and ready to have a right go at it. I’d say these lads will have a good run if all works out for them. 

Check out “The Night After” here. Remember, this is an older song and their next output shall be better! 


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