Svet Kant Release New Single/Video ‘The Cogs Of Envy’


Progressive/experimental metal band Svet Kant have released their second single ‘The Cogs Of Envy’ from their forthcoming album. 

This tracks follows on from their previously released track ‘A Gaze Indifferent To Your Suffering’ (which we shall post below), and really gives a better idea of how experimental and original this album is going to be. It’s without doubt going to be one of the most interesting releases from an Irish based band this year! 

They released this brief statement today. 


“The Cogs of Envy” the second song from our forthcoming album is available now.

Watch here:
Listen here:

Produced by Santiago Kodela and Svet Kant
Tracked and mixed by Michael Richards
Mastered by Ted Jensen
Video by Julius Horsthuis

Trackmix Recording Studio ¦ Sterling Sound ¦ Julius Horsthuis



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