Svet Kant Release Video/Single ‘Personae Contra Natura’ And Announce Signing With Wormhole Death

Progressive metal band Svet Kant have release and new single/video ‘Personae Contra Natura’ from their forthcoming album. This is their third single from the release (all will be included in this piece) and most importantly, they will now have worldwide distribution after signing with Dutch record label Wormhole Death.

They released this statement.


“Personae Contra Natura” lyric video OUT NOW!!! 🤘

Watch the full video following the link below and don’t forget to subscribe:

Additionally, we are proud to announce the album
‘The Visage Unbiased’ will be released worldwide via Wormholedeath. The album will hit Europe, Japan, Scandinavia and North America plus all digital platforms Friday 31st of May. Pre-order links available from 03/05. 🌎

Tracked and mixed at Trackmix Recording Studio by Michael Richard.
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Ted Jensen.

We spoke to the band recently and asked them their thoughts on the album and their overall hopes going forward.

What’s your thoughts on the album? 

Daragh (drums):  I consider this album the pinnacle of my drumming, the best playing I’ve ever done in my 15 years of my career.  I feel the songs have some really strong hooks and memorable riffs that people will really love. We plan on releasing more playthroughs and live footage off it in the coming months which I’m really excited about.

Paul (bass):  I’m very happy with the way it turned out, I think it sounds absolutely cosmic, to be honest, and I feel it really represents Svet Kant as a band. 

Liam (guitars):  I have to say how organic the album flows, each track has a place and purpose on it while being wildly individual tracks, the album overall, is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Santiago (vocals/guitars): I believe the album is a new episode into experimenting and trying to find a new and original sound within this genre.  We are very happy with the final product.  I believe that the album gets better as it progresses and that each individual track stands alone very well.  However, listened as a whole the experience is enhanced.

What are your hopes for this release? 

D:  I really hope it resonates with the metal community of Ireland and also further abroad. I feel our first single “A gaze indifferent to your suffering” was very well received so I can’t wait until everyone sinks their teeth into the other 9 tracks as they’re all just as if not more epic and brutal.

P:  I’m very excited about the album coming out it.  I’m hoping this release will be a breakthrough for us, we all put a lot of ourselves into it, especially Santiago who never seems to stop working.  I’m hoping this release gives him the recognition he deserves as a truly original composer.

L:  I hope for this release to be our stamp on modern metal.  Its production was like a well crafted, intricate timepiece and I believe the music and lyrics will only become more and more relevant.

S:  Personally I would like the album to continue to slowly build up this band (and brand) and open up doors within Europe and America.  We’d love to tour mainland Europe and America, their understanding and scene of this genre are strong, and we believe our live shows would be well received.  Additionally, I’d love to encourage people to try something different, to try and develop their own sound and stay away from generic stuff. 

You are really doing something different with this in regards to Irish metal. Was that always the aim or was it organic?

D:  As far as organic growth from the first album it has the input of three new members and three new musical sensibilities. I very much enjoyed putting the album together with Santiago and tweaking parts, changing and shortening or extending sections and putting my own embellishments on parts.  I’ve never been as proud of an album that I am with this album. As far as objective growth from the previous album the songs and slightly less lengthy, more to the point and in your face.

P:  Thanks very much. I think it sounds unlike any other band, we are all very open-minded as regards to music. We’ve never tried to sound like anybody else so yes! I suppose it was organic. 

L:  Yes, both organically and let’s say, trained to Olympic standards!  The timing of the release is perfect, the imagery and music speak to what is on ‘the shelves’ already in the industry and new branches must organically sprout.

S:  We always try to experiment and look for something new, even it that may make things even more difficult.  Although we always go for something different, those kind of compositions and style are very organic to us.  It just grows out naturally.  However, whenever we work on a track, we always look to improve/modify/shift and work around the material to make it more attractive.  We write tracks by combining improvised elements and then work around them to avoid just being a song derived from “jamming”.  It is very advisable to sit down and analyze and scrutinize your creative output constantly, to ensure quality throughout. 

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Catch the band at Gothic Species 2019.
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