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I had many thoughts on this one. Dead Label toured with Fear Factory, supported Gojira… Psykosis playing to a packed Sophie Stage at Bloodstock. ZhOra going to Wacken. 

When you take the whole story into consideration, Ten Ton Slug had such an unlikely rise and nobody saw it coming! 

Before I go any further. This isn’t a “best band” award or anything like that. It’s to acknowledge a bands accomplishments in 2016.

Right, lets get the story underway! 

About a year ago, Ten Ton Slug were doing their own thing and had applied for Metal To The Masses. They competed and were knocked out in their first heat. That is usually the end of the story…

The lads got the wildcard vote and were told they were through to the semi finals. This really lit a fire under them and they organised a bus to bring supporters, went all over social media and done everything in their power. They even printed off Ten Ton Slug wildcards and handed them out on the night. In another unlikely twist. They were through to the final and an audience with Mr Simon Hall coordinator of Metal To The Masses awaited! 

In that time. They really put themselves out there. Custom glass Slugs. Competitions. Anything they possibly could. 

But something was lingering behind the scenes and if things had worked out different? It could have been their last gig on that fateful night. Adam was moving back to Lithuania and the final was to be his last gig with the band… 

The night of the final arrived. I was there myself, and fucking hell that was one stacked night in regards to talent. With nothing to lose. Adam’s last gig etc all to take into consideration. Also, they were the last band on so had to be on form… It was my first time to see the band with Ronan on vocal duty, and man! They fucking killed it that night. I’m not surprised they won as they were band of the night. It could have been their last gig, so they were going out with a serious fucking bang regardless of the result. 

The lads couldn’t believe they had won. I got a surprise myself when Simon Hall named them as winners…. 

After that, another massive promotional campaign including a large Ten Ton Slug flag flying at Metal Days.  

It was now time for Bloodstock. Now, maybe it was the fact I’d been drinking since the Wednesday before hand and had started the day with a can of cider along with an aul “shmoke” on the way to the New Blood stage… Watching the lads play to a packed out stage at 12pm on a Saturday was an emotional sight! They absolutely nailed it and left an impression all over Bloodstock that day! Many calling them the best band to play the New Blood Stage all weekend. 

Taking all into consideration and the unlikely story that followed. Ten Ton Slug have to be our Band Of The Year. The Slug is hungry! The Slug grows… 

Check out their triumphant set at Bloodstock this year here! 


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