The Crawling Release New Video/Single ‘Wolves and the Hideous White’


The Crawling was born following a few failed attempts at getting a couple of ageing metal heads into the same room to play some death metal. Finally, towards the close of 2014, the band settled on a solid line up.

The music created is a result of a trio of music fans that have enjoyed, and participated, in the local music scene for decades. Creator Stuart hailed from 90’s death metal legends Severance, Andy fronted Honey For Christ for 14 years, and Gary Beattie is still blasting for Zombified.

The collaboration has resulted in a heavy, slow-death ensemble, forged against a back drop of misery and contempt for the world that surrounds us.

“There is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery the time when we were happy.”

They have just released their first promo video and self titled lead single for their forthcoming album ‘Wolves And The Hideous White’. In typical The Crawling style it’s yet another amazing D.I.Y. video. These lads really are the masters when it comes to self made videos on this small island of ours. Andy’s work ethic and creativity is bordering on the insane at times, but the band always benefit from it so keep er lit man! 

If this track is anything to go by, this album will probably get many album of the year awards. Their previous album ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ was highly regarded and for good reason but this is sounding far more ‘mature’ for want of a better description. The band have most certainly evolved since their last release from this tracks suggestion and I for one am very much looking forward to the finished product. We already know it’s going to be good. How good is the question for now? 

Easily one of the best bands in this country and I firmly expect them to move to the next level after this release. They’re already climbing the ladder at an insane rate and show no signs of slowing down… 

Check out the track here and their short statement. Most importantly, Stay Miserable! 

“Check out our new video “Wolves and the Hideous White” on our youtube channel now: 💥

Pre-order the album:

📱 iTunes:
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Guitar / Vocals: Andy Clarke
Bass / Backing Vocals: Stuart Rainey
Drums: Gary Beattie






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