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The Vicious Head Society is essentially a one man project that has been under construction for a few years now. Graham Keane is the man behind it all, and after all his hard work and probable struggles… His vision is due to see the light of day soon! 

As fan of Prog myself, I’m absolutely wetting myself in anticipation of this album. Two songs are freely available online for a while now.  “Psychedelic Torture Trip” and “Abject Tomorrow”. The latter being one of my favourite songs. Ever! It’s just Prog metal perfection. 

I’ve linked both tracks here for your listening pleasure, and get you ready for what promises to be one of the best releases from an Irish act of all time. 

I also really hope this gets at least one Live show. I’d walk 500 miles to see it. Not like that last time though when the Proclaimers duped me into that stupid journey. All I’ll say is legal action is in the works there …

Check out “Psychedelic Torture Trip” here: 


“Abject Tomorrow” This is some fucking song! 


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Make sure to spread the word about this amazing upcoming album. It’s going to be incredible! 



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