Thoughts Of Ruin Set To Release Their Album Reclaim The Throne On All Digital Platforms



Ten year after its initial release, Thoughts Of Ruin are set to re-release their album Reclaim The Throne on all digital platforms.

The band have long since disbanded with members Colin Bolger and David Fogarty still involved in Irish metal with zhOra and Sixth Extinction respectively. 

After listening to this album in full, all I can say is it’s a phenomenally good album and more than deserves its reintroduction to the world. It also arouses thought of just how far could this band have gone if they were afforded all the opportunities Irish bands have today with Metal To The Masses, MammothFest, Siege Of Limerick etc. I reckon they could have gone a very long way! At least a whole new generation of metal fans can hear this somewhat forgotten classic. 

The album spans over eight tracks and has many different influences. The lads were young when they released this so there’s a few obvious influences at play. It’s a great album so who cares. I don’t anyway… 

Opener Bio Burden which we are exclusively streaming below ahead of the digital release kicks it off and it’s a real tour de force from there on in. Amazing vocals, fantastic guitar/bass and the drummer is an absolute beast! 

It’s hard to pick a standout track on this fantastic album and while Bio Burden and The Despised are the bands obvious would be singles, I really like ‘God Complex’ that’s an excellent track. So much going on in it… 

The album will be on all digital formats soon so you shall be able to make your own minds up. This album was ahead of its time and it’s great the lads are bringing it back. It would be a criminal act to leave this lying in Room 101. It does not deserve to be there! 

If this album was released by a current band, I’d probably declare it one of the best albums released by an Irish act in 2018 by a country mile and an album of the year contender without any shadow of doubt. Even what may seem to be weaker tracks all grow after a few listens and you can’t help but like this album even more! 

An album ahead of its time and stands up with the better releases of today in both regards to production and quality. 

A fucking marvellous album. 




1: Bio Burden 

2: The Despised 

3: Relic

4: God Complex

5: Inner Demons

6: Kingdom Of Fire 

7: Nothing Is Sacred 

8: Second Rising 




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