THVS Release New Video Neon Demons From Their EP Plague Widows

THVS formed in the foul year of our lord 2014. Born out of frustration and desire. Purveyors of their own Heavy Pop sound, Michael, Matt and Dave make up the elements of guitar/vocals, drums and bass. More than the sum of their parts the power trio have earned a reputation through their energetic, sweaty and cathartic live shows.

Their recent EP ‘Plague Widows’ showed the band exploring new sonic territory, from the oppressive sludge and manic hardcore of ‘Mayblood’ to ‘Squid Plural’ a juxtapositon of rhythms coupled with dagger eyes lyrics, to the riff driven ‘Neon Demons’ dripping in surrealist imagery and tinnitus inducing feedback.

The video for ‘Neon Demons’ which was shot by Bob Logan, over two live shows, supporting Rotten Sound and the Metal to the Masses semi final, showcases the bands live show; a manic burst of energy, intensity, both angry and joyous all at once, a visceral catharsis for 30 mins on stage.

We spoke to the band about their formations and their future plans.

BM: What are the origins of the band? 

Well myself and Matt, who plays drums, we were in this other band before and it was kinda falling apart so we went up to our practice room set up facing each other and just starting playing. So from that night we wrote four or five songs right of the bat, like start to finish on the spot, BAM! Song was done. Three of those went on to be on our first EP ‘Everyday Hexes’. So if you go back and listen to the recording from that first night that’s exactly how those songs sound. It was pretty crazy, you know just one of those times it just feels like the songs are being given to you. So that was the first steps, we knew we were going to do something with it but we had kinda figured we’d just be a two piece, like a heavy White Stripes or Winnebago Deal type… But then I played in another band with Dave and it became really apparent we needed to be a power trio so Dave came up, he laid down his heavy bass and boom THVS was born kicking and screaming into the world, the world has never looked back haha

BM: If someone was to ask you what do you sound like?  What would be your answer?

 Were the pioneers of a heavy pop sound. We blend the heaviosity of bands like Deftones, Refused and Converge and then mix it with the saccharine sweet pop of Taylor Swift and you get Heavy Pop. We basically sound like every band from the 90’s that didn’t get signed to a major label haha Its loud riffy rock with choruses and hooks while retaining that melt your face off with distortion sound. Everyone hears different things, honestly from my point of view I think we sound like a 90’s Seattle band, I don’t want to say grunge but that mix of pop, rock, punk and metal all chucked into a pot with a sprinkle of spiciness. You know what just go listen to the EP’s its all there, its all in the meat.

Q: I can hear a real Raging Speedhorn influence in this track. Which is a good thing! Are you fans? 

Oh man, that first record is amazing, Thumper was just like a hammer. Knives and Faces of that album as well just slays. I saw those guys in the Rosetta Bar on that first album tour, there were about 12 people there, we were all up arms round each other head banging like only a 17 year old group of guys can haha The two vocalists were down on the floor with us. One of them gave my brother his mic at the end of the set. They were super nice dudes, its good they’re back playing. Wed actually love to play with those guys so if you’re listening have your people call my people, well do lunch and make this happen!

BM: Heavy music is now officially back on the rise once more. Do you think that maybe kids are sick of being fed shit and breaking away from the controlled media? Which could aide the hardcore scene?

 I mean heavy music never really dies, it never goes away, just sometimes it takes a little breather, goes out the back for a smoke and a beer haha. I think people will always want to hear heavy music, in whatever form it comes, I think people who really really care about music will never just take what’s presented to them as the be all and end all. The people who really care start to trace back like when I was a kid Id read interviews or see bands wear a t-shirt so then you go listen to that band and then you do the same with that band and next thing is you’re back in the 60’s and 70’s listening to The Stooges and MC5 or Zeppelin and Sabbath. Everything always traces back to those bands haha. So I think people will always look for music that isn’t just what is backed by the big money but there’s so much out there now that there’s almost too much choice so its hard for people to know where to start. I think the beginning of all that is live shows and if people are going to local shows and checking out bands from their home town and they’re well attended then mid level bands come through more and in that level there’s so much great stuff. I mean how many times have you been to see ‘a big band’ and you end up coming away with the support bands shirt or they just blow the headliner of the stage. Then your local bands get to support those bigger bands and it grows and grows. I think that aids everyone not just one scene but everyone. 

BM: You’re in the Bloodstock Metal To The Masses Final. Have you had any outside the box ideas of just going to leave it all on the stage? 

You mean like are we gonna release a load of doves as we go on or have go go dancers while we play? Haha Were not a gimmicky band so there’ll be no confetti canons or stage banner or holograms of us playing. We get up play our heavy pop hits, sweat it out, shred our vocal chords and throw ourselves around for half an hour. That’s it.

Were excited to be in the final though the whole thing has been a great experience and we’ve got to play with some great bands so were just looking forward to playing the show, watching some other great bands and having a beer with our bro’s.

BM: What are your plans going forward either way. I think you lads are onto something so keep going no matter what the outcome. One victory is not winning a war… 

Thanks man, we appreciate that. Yeah we’ve a bunch of stuff planned, we’ve our video for Neon Demons that’s out now, we have shows May 23rd Lurgan with Axecather, August 5th in love and death in Belfast, August 30th in Pavilion that’s Belfast as well. Then we go into record an album at the end of May, so off the back of that well have a single hopefully mid-August and then a video for it and then hopefully the same in October and then the album in November/December. We’ll have shows for each release and then we’ve some radio sessions lined up. I mean if we win that’d be bitchin but if we don’t we got to play a bunch of shows with cool bands, met some great people and had great times. There’s no downside to us here. We’ve a busy year and then next year we’ve plans as well, people will be so sick of seeing our name and faces. 

BM: Thanks for speaking to us today. Is there anything you would like to ad?

Thanks man, just all the normal shameless self promotional pimping, check us out on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, like the Facebook hit us up on Instagram @thvsband. Listen to the music, come to shows, come say hi to us. Thanks for having us


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