Tom DeLonge Now Focusing On Imminent Alien Invasion Prevention!



Tom DeLonge left Blink 182 last year and it wasn’t for reasons you might think! Aka they’re shite and irrelevant. No, the reasoning behind was Blink were too focused on All The Small Things and not focusing on the fact we are in danger from the real Enema Of The State! 
He has now dedicated himself to studying UFO’s as he believes it’s a matter of national security. He claims to have 10 people that he’s working with that are at the highest levels of the Department of Defense and NASA and the military. Tin foil hats all in tow… 


Lets look at all this though! It’s 2016. Independence Day 2 is coming with an original cast member that died in the first film and no sign of Will Smith. Blink 182 are releasing their 7th album. Donald Trump is running for president. It’s like the 90’s most irrelevant shite is all making a comeback! Maybe this is the final straw for the Aliens? 
July 4th is coming! Get onto Will Smith and offer him a Hancock sequel. Pay people to go and see Bad Boys 3. Whatever it takes to get him onbaord! Jeff Goldblum is at the ready and Tom Delonge in leading the campaign! 
As a public service announcement, I am sharing this information with you! Not many have watched “Mars Attacks” and that film hold the key to defending ourselves from an Alien invasion. When the song Slim Whitman – Indian Love Call is played. It causes their heads to explode! I am linking the song here so you have access to this on July 4th or whenever the Aliens attack. 


Tom also claims to know things he can’t talk about. Which automatically back up all his claims and validates everything he says. The Aliens are coming! We Must Prepare! 




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