Top 10 Albums Of 2020

This is my top 10 albums of 2020. There has been many great albums this year so difficult to pick ten but I’ll go with these albums as I have listened to them many times over the year. I have’t listened to every album so there’s bound to be one or two people would include on their list.
Descriptions will be short as it’s about the music…

zhOra – Mortals

I saw zhOra for the first time in 2014 and they blew me away. I followed them since then and while I liked their last album, it wasn’t the zhOra album I expected. This however was the album I expected times ten! I’d go as far to say as it’s one of the best metal albums by an Irish band full stop.
A viciously heavy album that attacks all in the senses in the best possible way!


Benediction – Scriptures

In a personal highlight of 2020, Benediction returned with Dave Ingram and man it did not disappoint! An album I’ll be still listening to years from now. A masterpiece!


Annal Nakrath – Endarkenment

What a return! What an album! Maybe their best work to date? All I know is that this album is a masterpiece and one I’ll return to again and again.


Paradise Lost – Obsidian

A lot of Paradise Lost’s 2020 was about Draconian Times 25th anniversary and the planned full album performance at Bloodstock. Obsidian was released and it’s one of the best albums to date. An absolutely brilliant album by a brilliant band. Fitting they marked with the anniversary of Draconian Times with another classic album.


Vader – Solitude In Madness

Polish death metal legends Vader returned and released another classic album in the process. One of the best long term death metal bands and never fail to disappoint!


Sylosis – Cycle of Suffering

Sylosis came back with a vengeance this year. A shame it was 2020 but they had just released this album and the whole world fell apart. Maybe sums up the luck this band have had over the years. They looked like hitting the next level numerous times but it just never materialised. Hopefully when things come back next year they can really kick on! This is an amazing album that deserves a lot more attention.


Ward XVI – Metamorphosis

Ward XVI aren’t for everybody. They’re the type of band you like or you don’t really. I personally love their music. This album is a real body of work listen as it’s a concept album and an amazing listen. Again, not for everyone but an amazing band in my humble opinion.


Fleshwolf – Fleshwolf

Fleshwolf are a one man project. Marty Robinson set out to create a death metal album influenced by his love of classic Swedish death metal and he did not disappoint. An amazing album!


Raging Speedhorn – Hard To Kill

I have been a Raging Speedhorn fan since I heard Thumper nearly twenty years ago. Having them back playing live the past few years was fantastic and I caught them three times live since their return. A new album was the icing. It’s exactly what it needed to be. Another excellent Raging Speedhorn album!


The Grief – Horizon’s Fall

While in theory having existed for a while, The Grief really made a comeback in 2020 to the point many thought they were a new band. Two EP’s were released this year and they then combined both to release their debut album. An utterly brilliant doom metal album and a band that should be a lot better known. Hopefully when gigs come back they can really kick on as they had planned this year.


That’s my top ten albums of 2020. Loads of great albums released this year but these were my return to albums so deserve their place in my list.

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