Top 10 EP’s Of 2020

Time for our top 10 EP’s of 2020. I haven’t heard every EP so may have missed something in the mind of others.
This my list. Very brief descriptions as it’s about the music and not my words.
In no particular order…

Filth – Filth

Filth released their self titled EP and it does exactly what it says on the tin!
Here’s their first single off the EP ‘Hell’. If this interests you? Hit the links below!
Excellent EP that has been played on numerous occasions this year.


Scour – Black

Scour released the final part of their trilogy of EP’s with the Black EP. Yet again it was of the highest quality and amazing to see Phil Anselmo delivering vocals like this at this stage of his career. A great end to a great project!


Enshroud – Walking In The Shadows

A new band based on our little island that came from nowhere this year. Not only that, but they released an amazing EP and one of the most promising Irish acts in recent memory. If this is the start. How far can they go? A lot further I suspect! One to watch and follow if you aren’t aware as of now.


Carcass – Despicable

Carcass released their EP Despicable. Of course it was going to be in my list. One of my favorite metal bands. End of!


Organ Blender – Blender Corps

Galway based Organ Blender really have their own thing going on. One of the most interesting Irish bands at present. They do what they want to do and offer no apology! Amazing band!


My Dying Bride – Macabre Cabaret

My Dying Bride returned and showed all the pretenders why they are so highly regarded by releasing an absolute master class in Macabre Cabaret.


At The Movies – At The Movies Season 1

At The Movies began as a lockdown project for some of the biggest names in metal with the aim of covering 80’s songs that were tied to iconic films of that era. Time progressed. An EP was released and due to popularity another season aka EP is planned for next year. I absolutely love everything about this!


Make May For Man – Rites

Make Way For Man were easily one of my favorite discoveries of 2020. They’re just something different and do what they want to do. Australian bands seem to be able to do their own thing and really tongue in cheek as the success of 12 Foot Ninja has demonstrated. Just have fun with it all and see where it goes…
I have included their cover of Fireflies from the EP here as it’s just amazing!


Dratna – Druid Winds & The Fall of the Celtic Gods

Dratna are a one man project that has been growing every year. This year he released his third and best release to date. Every release has had a jump in quality and this was a massive leap forward. I look forward to his next release and beyond. A true talent that is becoming more confident in his abilities as times passes…


IHSAHN – Pharos

The man has gone to a new level of creativity with this EP and even included a couple of covers no musician with a strong black metal past would touch. He marches to the beat of his own drum and fuck you if you don’t agree!


That concludes my top 10 EP’s of 2020. Some may agree or otherwise but these are the ones I returned to again and again. A very mixed bag in regards to styles but that’s my thing!

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