Twisted Autocracy Release New Single ‘Eat Sleep Slave Repeat’



Dublin based Thrashers Twisted Autocracy have released their first single since reforming the band in 2016. Darrel Tanfin and Sean Casserly were two of the four original members that brought on the reformation. They have since been joined by Sean Domican and Cillian O’Rourke on Bass and Drums. The lads were building away nicely in 2014 and suddenly they were gone. They’re back now with their first recorded material and more on the way! 

This track is a definite evolution their previous sound. It’s pretty much a new band that recorded this so unfair to compare really. I was a big fan of their previous releases so had high hopes for this track. 

It’s a real thrash metal anthem that I imagine will go down very well in a live environment. There’s great rasping vocals and excellent lyrics ‘Looking For A higher Power. Eat! Sleep! Slave! Repeat! Brilliance!

The track is also full of excellent lead guitar work to include a brilliant solo around the half way point and again near the end. Closes in frantic style and it’s done. A great comeback for the lads! 

I’m looking forward to their next releases as this band were always quality over quantity. 



Lead Guitar- Colm Casserly
Bass-Sean Domican
Rhythm Guitar/Vocals-Darrel Tanfin
Drums- Cillian O’Rourke

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