Two Tales Of Woe Announce New Drummer And Recording Plans



Two Tales of Woe are a hard-working heavy metal band based in Dublin. Formed in 2005, the group take inspiration from a number of genres ranging from Doom and Sludge, to Classic Rock/Metal (down tuned and beefed up!) 

They were on the rise in 2016 with an appearance at Bloodstock Festival and supporting Crowbar on their Irish dates. They had a few line up issues after that, and with frontman Carl becoming a father for the second time, Woe was put on hiatus for a while. 

They’re back now with a full band and ready to kick on yet again. They released this statement yesterday. 

“How are you all doing on this wet and miserable Thursday?? As you know we have been pretty quiet for the last while…but i suppose now is the time to tell you all that Johnny Kerr has returned to Two Tales Of Woe. We are now complete again. It was extremely hard to fill the shoes previously left empty and plenty tried or were at least willing to try and i thank each and every person for that, but it didnt happen…so what do you do?? You go to who you know can kill it every time….and hes back. Johnny was part of the ‘classic’ lineup that recorded ‘a conversation with death’ along with myself (Carl) Chris and Ross. And now this lineup along with my main man Dan we will be recording again. Johnnys first gigs back with us will be the Corrosion Of Conformity gigs. We are finishing off the songs which we are going to record…our recording plans will be revealed very soon. Welcome home JK.”

Great to see them back again. One of our better bands in my humble opinion. They have a few releases on bandcamp, but I reckon it’s fitting I add ‘A Conversation With Death’ (Which can be downloaded for free). 

Expect us to heavily promote their forthcoming news and material. It will be good. I can assure of that! 



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