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Wintriness is the brain child of one man. All music and arrangements written, recorded and produced by Mr Jordy Thompson. Today he has unleashed his debut album on the world. 

He released this statement.  

Today is a very proud day, as I am able to share the debut Wintriness album with you all. Although this is only a digital release, CDs and merch will become available when we’re ready to return to the stage.

For anyone interested in purchasing ‘From Light To Absolute Darkness’ you will also receive a free digital download of the remastered ‘At One With The Cold’ EP and I could not be happier with the results I have achieved in recent months. Both releases are available in the highest quality via bandcamp.

Massive thanks to Kerri Clarke of Exposing Shadows Photography for promo photos and helping with the album artwork.

John Thompson for helping me achieve the sound I wanted for the album.

Shane Hughes for his dedication and willingness to help bring Wintriness live to the stage for the first time.

Anyone who purchases ‘From Light To Absolute Darkness’

And lastly, none of this could have been achieved without the support and belief Dani Kansanaho had in both myself and Wintriness since the projects inception. Wintriness has always been my outlet through both the good times and bad. It was an honour to have shared a creative input with Dani, so I’d like to dedicate this release to him. You are sorely missed, mate.

I’ve just listened to the album in full and it’s absolutely brilliant. Incredible when you consider this was the work of one man. Phenomenal in fact! A brilliant fusion of death/Black metal with his own individual touch. I heard a riff at one point you’d expect on a folk metal song. 

That’s ‘The Blessing Way’ and ‘Wintrness’ already this year that have put out incredible solo creations. The Vicious Head Society last year… 

I can safely say this album will be on our best of list come the years end. I’m also looking forward to seeing this live when the full band is assembled. A truly amazing feat that one man created this. 

A stunning Black/death metal release and one I’ll be returning to again and again. Truly magnificent! 


Stream it in full here! 





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