Xero Release Music Video ‘Barriers’ featuring Shawn Bowen of Neurotica & Meatspace



Limerick based Xero have just released a brand new music video ‘Barriers’ featuring Shawn Bowen also of Neurotica and Meatspace. 


They released this statement! 

Here is Xero – Limerick‘s newest release, ‘Barriers’ feat. Shawn Bowen of Neurotica & Meatspace. We’d like to thank Shawn for all his enthusiasm and help throughout the creation of this song and for being a part of something so special to us.



Zero are: 

Andrew Farrell (drums)
Mike Carroll (vocals)
Dave Bourke (guitar)
Conny O’Connor (guitar)
Nick Bromfield (bass)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XEROLimerick/


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