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Peasant To A King Announce Galway Headline Show/New Single ‘Selfish’

Midlands/Galway based Peasant To A King have announced their first Galway headline show on November 22nd and that their new single ‘Selfish’ is set to drop on the same day via Slam Worldwide.

Having heard ‘Selfish’ myself, it’s a big departure in their sound. Gone is the Deathcore of old and now moving towards slamming brutal death metal. Without doubt this is their strongest track to date and they are now finding their own sound/vision for the band.

They released this statement.

“Everyone wants to help, but you can help yourself. Walked this path a thousand times, still you are the same.”

We’re so excited to show you guys this song. So here’s a clip of it, accompanied by some words from Ben about “Selfish”.

“Selfish is an accumulation of self hatred and arrogance. This song is self-criticism. Something we should all be doing is looking at our negative attributes and calling ourselves out. We are all capable of being bad people But we are also all capable being wonderful, healthy individuals. And if we don’t identify and work through our toxic traits then we will never be the best we can be.

This song is a callout. To myself. To you. To your teachers. Your parents. To your dealer. Your friends. Stop being a cunt and just crack on. Remind yourself to be more considerate of others💜”

“Selfish” to be released via SLAM WORLDWIDE on November 22. Available everywhere on the same day.

Bandcamp –
Facebook –
Instagram – @peasanttoakingofficial
Spotify –…

Catch them at Iron Mountain Metal Festival 2020.

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Watch: GREEN JELLY Track Down Promoter Who Leaves Without Paying And Get Their Money

If you know any bands, you’ve heard this story more times than you would like…
A band arrives to play a show, does a great job, and then when they go to collect their agreed-upon rate, the promoter is nowhere to be found. Some bands go public, some bands take legal action, and some bands suck it up and move onto the next venue.

But, Green JellĂż is not some bands. They went and tracked down the promoter of the show, and knocked on his door.

“Little pig, little pig, let me in,” shouts Green Jellÿ vocalist Bill Manspeaker can be seen at the top of the video that was posted on Friday, November 8th. The band was stiffed after performing at Old East 765 the night before by a promoter named Marcus.

They eventually find Marcus in the video and won’t leave him until they get paid. They also berate him for what a terrible job he did. According to the video description, “In the end he paid the band less than half and walked away with both his kneecaps.”

The band’s drummer Rob Gabriele told MetalSucks In the end he came up with less than half of what was owed and the band accepted that. We offered him a ride home and shook his hand offering to come back again for a properly-done show at a full advance pay.”

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Elder Druid Announce Album Launch Shows For Belfast & Dublin

Northern Doom bringers Elder Druid have announced album launch nights for their forthcoming album ‘Golgotha’.

It was recorded in their own studio in Blackstaff Mill in Belfast. Artwork is by Polish surrealist artist Mariusz Lewandowski.

This band have progressed constantly over the past few years, so I predict ‘Golgotha’ will be their best work to date!


1. Golgotha
2. Dreadnought
3. Sleeping Giant
4. Vincere Vel Mori
5. Sentinel
6. Paegan Dawn of Anubis
7. The Archmage

Fri 17th January – Voodoo, Belfast. Support from Slomatics, Nomadic Rituals, So Much For The Sun
8PM // ÂŁ10 admission
Event page:

Sat 18th January – Fibber Magees, Dublin
Support from Venus Sleeps, Grey Stag, Coroza & Slung from a Tree
8PM // €10 admission
Event page:


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Irish Metal Roundup October 2019

Irish Metal Roundup October 2019

Our monthly round up of the Irish heavy music scene.
Due to my new job banning phones (Thanks to my fellow millennial co workers that can’t live without them stuck to their damned hands…) I have very limited online time each day. I’ve had to create a new Facebook page that has no friends and only follows Irish metal pages to keep up to date now.
I think I’ve got all for the month? If not please let me know I’ll add them. All these will drop again in December… The new page will help me in a big way going forward though!
Seriously. I may be 40 and sound like an angry old man here. But why the fuck are people in their 20’s constantly glued to their damn phone? The screen is too small, typing is shit and it wrecks your neck looking at them…
Took my couple of minutes to do research away every few hours by looking at absolute shite instead of working… Cunts!!!

Anyway, this is October’s round up! Rush job this month as I’m very busy at the moment…


Dead Label – Dystopian Complex

Dead Label released their latest single/video ‘Dystopian Complex’. Their best track to date in my opinion. One of the hardest working bands in the Irish scene and growing internationally as a result!

Arjuna’s Eye – Amalgam

Cork based Arjuna’s Eye released their album ‘Amalgam’. Album of the year contender without absolute doubt! Absolute masterpiece! Progressive groove metal perfection!

Scathed – Compromise Me

Dublin based Scathed released their debut music video.
Video made by Olga Kuzmenko so a top job!

THVS – Fevers

The countries leading heavy pop band THVS released their new album ‘Fevers’.

Old Season – The Heathens Dance

Longtime Dublin based metal band Old Season released an acoustic arrangement of their track ‘The Heathens Dance’. Great reworking of the track!

Conjuring Fate – No Escape

Longtime northern warriors Conjuring Fate released their first track ‘No Escape’ from their forthcoming album ‘Curse Of The Fallen’.

Acid Age – Slave Girl (Live)

Acid Age released a new track ‘Slave Girl’ as a live version. Excellent as usual.

Ilenkus – Myopic

Galway based Ilenkus released their new single Myopic. One of the most underrated bands in this country without doubt. Great track as usual.

Fornoth – Peace, Love and Death Metal

Dublin based Fornoth released their live LP ‘Peace, Love & Death Metal. Great LP!

Otheria – A Ballad Of Melancholy

Belfast based Otheria released their second single ‘A Ballad Of Melancholy’. Nice to see a new Symphonic Metal band on the rise here!

Two Tales Of Woe – Terror Inside

Two Tales Of Woe released a video for their track Terror Inside from their excellent EP Bloodwood.
Video was made by Darragh of Horrenda/Outis.

Grave Sermon – Whitewashed Tomb

Grave Sermon – Whitewashed Tomb, now available on Spotify and for free download on bandcamp.
3 tracks of killer death metal, in thrall to the eternal spectre…
Available on all other platforms very soon.
Check it out and give it a share, cheers!
Recorded at Symmetry Industry Studios by Gavin Doyle.

Following The Signs – Far From Over

Cork based Following The Signs released their album ‘Far From Over’,

Pain In Vain – Forsaken

Dublin based Pain In Vain released their new video Forsaken. Taken from their album Immolation.

Horrenda – Balor

The second single from Horrenda’s first album DĂŹoltas “Balor” is out now!. Recorded at JSR Audio Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Art by Neil O Sullivan Greene

Hyperfollow :
Spotify :
Bandcamp :


Music by Horrenda.
Lyrics by Horrenda.

Video by Darragh O’Connor

With thanks to MAD SIN CINEMA + The Films of Shane Ryan ( and Thomas Sheridan (

That’s our round up for October. Again, if I missed anything I add it later.
Real rush job this month. I had to get this done tonight or not be able for a minimum of ten days… The releases are all here so no need for my drivel anyway!
Same next month.

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BeithĂ­och (Irish black/death metal) Release New Single ‘My Flesh and Blood Shall Feed the Earth’

Irish black/death metal act BeithĂ­och returns with a new single My Flesh and Blood Shall Feed the Earth: A doomy paean to death and decomposition.

The two track release is available to download from Bandcamp now, and to stream on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple, Youtube and more).  

BeithĂ­och hails from the northwest of Ireland, with a name that, translated from Irish, means ‘Beast’. From the ambient black metal debut Aisling Dhorcha (2008), to the thundering doom-death of EP Storms of War (2016), BeithĂ­och has developed a varied, powerful style focused on atmosphere and detailed guitar arrangements. Alongside the new single, BeithĂ­och has also recently embarked on a project of remastering and re-releasing a number of works from the artist’s back catalogue to all of the big streaming platforms.

Lyric video for My Flesh and Blood Shall Feed the Earth:

Purchase here!




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Children Of Bodom Announce Three Members Are Set Leave The Band

Three CHILDREN OF BODOM members have announced departure from the group.

Drummer Jaska Raatikainen, bassist Henri “Henkka T. Blacksmith” Seppälä and keyboardist Janne Wirman will play the final show this coming December. â€œA Chapter Called Children Of Bodom” will take place at the Black Box in Helsinki Ice hall on December 15.

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce that 2019 will be the last for CHILDREN OF BODOM with this lineup,” band said in a statement.

“After almost 25 years with BODOM, thousands of shows and 10 albums, it is time for HenkkaJanne and Jaska to step back and change direction within their lives. All three will miss the fans and supporters in every city in every country the band ever played.

“The last show of this lineup will be on the 15th of December at Helsinki Ice Hall. Tickets still remain for some of the Finnish shows in December.

“Alexi [Laiho, guitar/vocals] and Daniel [Freyberg, guitar] will have further announcements about their plans to keep creating new music in the future.

“Thanks again for everything.”

I didn’t expect this news as they only released their latest music video ‘Hexed’ two days ago.
25 years is a long time and what else had they left to achieve? They have done it all over the years and starting to wind down anyway.
A great band that gave us some memorable music over the years and always put on a great live show!

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