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Dublin based Aeternum Vale never sent us on their EP for review. I had to go Spotify like a Peasant and listen to it there.  I thought the whole point of starting a metal site was getting loads of music for free? 

Luckily this is a great EP so I’ll accept this and make an exception and review it this time! 😉 

The EP consists of four tracks. All of which have the bands own style of a mix of heaviness, melody and atmosphere. All that makes a great Black metal release in my humble opinion. Every song just knows when it needs to shift though the gears. Well, to my ears anyway!

As I already mentioned this EP is on Spotify. I’ll post a link below and the EP title track “Ashes Of Memory”.

The EP kicks off with “Shadows Over Sculpted Stone” and what a way to kick this off. Builds up perfectly and kicks off moving through the gears effortlessly throughout. Excellent song!

“Revolt Of The Gods” is a bit flatter after the opener, but it’s also a really good song. It’s the weakest track on the EP. That’s not a negative! That’s saying how good this EP is when you’re calling a really good Black metal song weaker… 

“In Silence Triumphs Burn” then really kicks off. If someone listening was facing a mid EP lull? This would wake them up! It keeps a faster theme throughout and flies along at devastating Black metal speed! Baywatch! 

This release finishes up with my favourite track on the EP, “Ashes Of Memory”. It’s just a great Melodic Black metal track. I’ve listened to it numerous times and it’s not getting old. Great, great song!

Aeternum Vale are among the Best black metal bands this country has produced in the last few years. This release only emphasises the fact!  



Check out “Ashes Of Memory”! 


Aeternum Vale are: 

Vocals — Colin Byrne  

Guitar — Dave Gibson  

Guitar — Cathal Hughes

Bass — Cory Annatar

Drums — Dave ‘Atlas’ Mc Carron


Link to their Facebook page for more details:

Stream via Spotify:



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