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I’ve been a fan of Dublin based Alpheidae since 2014. In all that time, I still can’t spell their name… But that’s not relevant! What is relevant, is that they are one of the best live acts in Ireland full stop! Would they be able to transcribe their vicious live show and many dynamics onto record? 

Basically, yes they have and they absolutely nailed it with this EP! There’s so much going on with their music. They’re very Progressive in many regards, but have that crunch that separates them from any genre really. It’s good music. End of… 

The EP kicks off with their single “Altruist” which has been available online since last February. It’s an excellent opener and while it doesn’t really set the tone of what’s to come as such. It’s a great opening track and really introduces you to the bands dynamics, excellent lyrics and truly excellent musicianship! Zach is a fucking beast on the drums! 

“City of Knives” is up next. It’s starts off with a bang with loads of riffs, duelling guitars along the way and leads into a great breakdown. Then it goes another direction entirely. Clean vocals and very prog in delivery. This really showcases that Calvin is an excellent singer and more great lyrics! Then we get a great solo and another… Back into a great breakdown and we’re done. Fucking excellent song!! 

Title track “The I In All” then kicks off in a very melodic fashion and builds up just nicely with some fantastic guitar work. Without doubt the most Melodic/Progressive song on the EP, but it’s full of great lyrics, riffs, drums and dynamics. Hard track to put into words, but it’s a great song and that’s all I really need to say about that! 

“New Beginning” closes the EP and highlights the bands diversity once more and full of prog, riffs, vicious drumming and riffs you’d probably expect to hear on a Rush release. This is pure prog at times, and I for one will always love that! We are then treated to some excellent guitar solo work which builds up with Zach flying on the double pedals like a man possessed and it’s fades out perfectly in a sea of awesomeness! 

Well, if you’ve managed to get this far? I’m sure you already know I really, really fucking like this EP. I’m a big fan of this band and hopefully this will see them jump up a level. !n a just world it will. 

Alpheidae. I salute you!! 


Check out “Altruist” here! 


Alpheidae are: 

Gavin Wynne- Bass

Calvin Singleton- Vocals

Ros Coghlan- Guitar

Leon Bourke – Guitar

Zach Parkinson- Drums


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Catch them live at any of these dates. I strongly suggest you do as this band are incredible live!! 






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