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Between The Lines are a band I’m familiar with for quite a while now. Early 2013 to be exact! I was a fan of their early demo works and when I got to see them play live in 2014, I was very impressed by them. I wasn’t familiar with all their work as they were not recorded, but they held me from start to finish and it left me looking forward to their then upcoming recorded material. 

After that, they had many hold ups. Their original Bass player leaving and replaced by their new Bassist Eoghan. Their drummer having a serious accident among other factors. At one point, it was starting to look from an outside perspective that this release would never see the light of day. 

As their self titled album is now upon us, was it worth all their time and effort and our wait? Yes. Yes it most certainly is! This is a fantastic album. Start to finish! I never found myself wanting to stop it or skip forward at any point. If I were to try and explain their sound, I would say it’s a mixture of Alice In Chains type Grunge, southern rock, groove with a progressive feel throughout. There’s some great melodies, hooks and grooves in their sound that really adds to the albums overall feel. As five of the seven tracks are all around seven minutes long, the variety in their sound really keeps the listener interested and you find your head moving with it without noticing as it just hooks you in…

As a big fan of Alice In Chains, I found many of my favourite aspects present in their sound. Excellent Bass, great guitar leads and solos, haunting vocals and top class yet solid drumming. They don’t sound like a direct copy as there’s a real southern rock groove in there along with a real Prog style.

The albums opens with a track I’m very much familiar with in “Rumour”. It still sounds like the older demo, but it’s a very new song in its own right now in comparison. As it’s one of their older songs, it does sound a bit different to the rest of the album and the new material goes in a very different direction musically. When “All Free” kicks off next, it’s almost like an entirely different band, and goes on from there…

We’ve included the bands two previously released tracks “Southern Steel” and “Sands Of Time” via YouTube here for you to check the band out and make up your own mind. If you like the sound of our description, I’m sure you will like this band.

For me personally, this will be one of my favourite albums of 2017. I’m already on full album listen number six and it’s getting better with each time. It’s a real grower! It won’t be for everyone of course as the tracks are all quite long, and not for one that wants instant gratification from their music would return to after listening, or really fully appreciate if I’m honest. For those that get it, and like this particular sound, it’s an album you will return to again and again. A truly fantastic body of work! 



Sands of Time


Southern Steel 


Track listing 

  1. Rumour

  2. All Free 

  3. Sands Of Time 

  4. For Your Sanity 

  5. Southern Steel 

  6. Shellshock 

  7. Sleep 


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