Introducing: Witchkicker

Witchkicker are a relatively new Irish band that were starting to build their name on the live circuit before our current situation halted that like it has for every band.

Witchkicker were formed in October 2019 by guitarist Mo Sheerin and drummer Cee Jenna.

Both musicians brought different inspirations and playing styles to the table. The blend of Mo’s intricate heavy metal riffs with Cee’s unique groove punk beats were the foundation that attracted bass player Deborah O’Brien. With experience in metal band Dark Lanes, her prog influenced bass lines brought a new layer to the band.

In November 2019 they were joined by Hutchy, who herself had been playing in punk and metal bands as a vocalist and guitarist over the years. Her experience as a front woman completed the line-up and Witchkicker was officially born.

Despite their short time together, they have released three singles to date with no doubt more on the way.
It’s clear this band have many influences in play and it’s refreshing as it’s something different.
They remind me of all female bands from the 90’s. Their music has an attitude to it that was prevalent in those days so it’s nice to see it returning again. It never went away of course but not as common…

On the strength of their first three releases this band are clearly onto a good thing and I heard a great report from someone that saw them live in Belfast earlier this year.

One to watch!


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