Make Way For Man To Release New EP Rites On September 18th

Make Way for Man are based in Perth, Western Australia and have built a name since their formation 2016 due to the positive message in their music despite it being pretty damn heavy!
They are set to release their EP Rites tomorrow and it’s sure to send up another level in a just and fair world because it’s rather good!

Guitarist Drew Shepherd says that the EP “…explores the idea of not overcoming fear by succeeding always, but knowing there are bound to be ups and downs in life – and having to be ready to handle them the best way you personally know how to.

Before I say anymore on this release and include the interview done with the band. Thanks to Tim Price at Collision Course! They have A Cover of the song ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City which has already been released. This is one of the greatest things to ever happen humanity!
Here it is…

On the EP as a whole. Man, there’s so many layers to this and it never gets boring! It’s also to my ears something different! Even though they don’t sound alike, they remind me of 36 Crazyfists aka A Snow Capped Romance era. The variety in vocals and melodies have a similar vibe and I think that’s an excellent album so pretty high praise here!

The guitar in this EP is just outstanding! It’s technical in nature but just sounds right! The bass and drums are also of the highest quality but the guitar sticks out here as it’s so damn good.
The electronic edge to the tracks also adds diversity and when the six tracks are finished you just want to start it again…

All in all, this is one of the best EP’s I’ve heard this year. It’s also the most interesting and different for absolute certain!
A band I’ll be following going forward and already looking forward to their future releases.


They also previously released their title track Rites. Check it out here.

BM: Can you tell us about the bands formation? What were your influences and how did it all come to be? 

MWFM: We started about 5 years ago now, it all came about because most of us were either in between bands or not doing much musically at the time and it seemed to come together pretty quickly. We all have quite varied influences, some of us heavier, some even more pop orientated, this seems to show up in the music we write and hopefully helps us come up with something a little different.

BM: What’s your hopes for this release? 

MWFM: We hope that it will exceed the response we had from our first EP, I think it is a step up for us and has quite varied styles in the one EP to have something for everyone. We also hope the virus goes away so we can start touring and playing the new songs!

BM: As we now live in an episode of Black Mirror and gigs may be off for a while, have you any outside the box ideas for promotion such as a streamed launch gig or the likes? 

MWFM: Yes, although I haven’t really considered live streaming a gig, it is probably a good idea. We are lucky enough to be all open and up and running in Western Australia so we will do a launch show here as well as a regional tour, we figure if we can’t leave our state we may as well get out and play where we can.

BM: Who are your favorite Australian bands you think should be better known? 

MWFM: My favourite at the moment is probably patient Sixty-seven, Xenobiotic, we have a lot of good perth bands which do get overlooked

BM: If you could tour with anyone who would it be? 

MWFM: Hometown perth bands like Make Them Suffer, its more fun when you tour with guys you know

BM: Anything you like to add? 

We have had a big break in between the first release to this new one. For us now there will be no slowing down as there is even more new material coming!

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