Neon Empire Release Debut EP Distorted Reality

Irish metalcore band Neon Empire have released their debut EP Distorted Reality.
This band were really starting to make waves over the past nine months until our current situation halted all of course. They have just released their debut EP which has lived up to all the hype surrounding the band.
One to watch when gigs return and with a debut this solid behind them the only way is up!
They had this to say on Distorted Reality.

With this EP, we want to take you on a journey. This desire to deliver an immersive experience pushed us to experiment with multiple layers of electronic sounds. By using elements of Traditional Metalcore songwriting as a foundation, we have created a unique, dynamic sound with soaring melodies and gut-punching riffs at its core.

Our goal was to pair futuristic instrumentation with human lyrics, creating music that is both modern and deeply personal. The EP deals with themes of perseverance, self-doubt and human connection. With the current state that the world is in, we hope that people can find some solace in what we’ve created and that it allows them to escape their own Distorted Reality, even if just for a little while“.

Artist Bio:

Neon Empire are a 4-piece electronic Metalcore band, based in Dublin. The band was formed by guitarist/clean-vocalist Hassan Ali, originally intended to be a Solo Project. Over time, the addition of John Collard (Screams), Veronika Švecová (Drums) and Tom Ambrose (Bass) brought new song writing elements to the table and perfected the sound.

Since reaching their full lineup in August 2019, Neon Empire have released two singles, and have performed extensively in Dublin.

Most recently, they secured the Judge’s Vote in Heat 2 of “Bloodstock Metal to the Masses”, moving on to the semi-finals.

Check out a review of the gig HERE

EP Credits:

Production, Mixing and Mastering: JSR Studios (Facebook)

Artwork: Rob Walden Design (Website)

Video by Olga Kuzmenko –

Facebook –…
Instagram –…
Twitter –

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