Finnish Progressive Death Metal Band Denominate Release New Single Abandoned From Their Forthcoming LP ISOCHRON

Finnish Oulu-based progressive death metal band Denominate are set to release their second album ISOCHRON on July 24th 2020 via Inverse Records. 

The band comments:“Abandoned is the third song on the record and is one of the most straightforward and punishing tracks on the album. The lyrics, as the title suggests, deal with abandonment in the service of a greater cause and the feelings of bitterness and betrayal it might generate in the ones being left behind. Musically the song takes inspiration from a wide range of genres including black metal and thrash metal.”

Listen to Abandoned also on:
Apple Music: 

Kimmo Raappana – Guitar / Main Songwriter
Eetu Pylkkänen – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Joni Määttä – Drums
Ville Männikkö – Vocals
Tuomas Pesälä – Bass 


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BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD Reimagined For Gen Z – New Series Coming to Comedy Central

Beavis and Butt-head aren’t finished yet. The lovable 90’s anti-heroes are coming back for two new seasons on Comedy Central and taking on a whole new generation.

Creator Mike Judge announced today the show will be returning to Comedy Central, who has ordered two seasons of the show, “as well as additional spin-offs and specials,” according to DeadlineThe the duo will be “entering a whole new Gen Z world” dealing with “meta-themes relatable to both new and old fans — Gen X parents and their Gen Z kids.”

Just a week ago, Comedy Central announced another new animated series, Jodie, a spin-off of the late 90s series, Daria, which itself was a spin-off of Beavis & Butt-head. The network is expanding its adult animation block, anchored by South Park. 

The original show ran from 1993-1997, which is almost 30 years ago, so those versions of Beavis & Butt-head would be old enough to have children the same age as Beavis & Butt-head. I feel old!
This begs the question how much of their look will be updated? Will they still be wearing AC/DC and Metallica shirts? Or will they be wearing Slipknot and Lamb of God shirts? Will they still be metalheads? Will they still be in high school? What kind of phone does Beavis have? Do they have a Twitter account?

The show came back in 2011, and it didn’t really miss a beat, so I’m going to remain positive about the news and hope for the best. There was a rumor that there was a new season in limbo in 2014, but nothing happened for almost six years. Perhaps they are reusing some of those old plots. Last year, Judge also spoke of an idea for a sequel to the duo’s movie, Beavis & Butt-Head Do America.

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SOMNIATE Release Single/video ‘Of Fragrance and Light’ From Their Forthcoming Debut LP ‘The Meyrinkian Slumber’

Czech black metal revelation Somniate have signed a deal with Lavadome Productions for the release of their debut album “The Meyrinkian Slumber”. You can now stream the new track “Of Fragrance and Light” below.

“The Meyrinkian Slumber” is scheduled for June 30th release through Lavadome Productions on CD/LP/digital and can be pre-ordered through Lavadome store or Lavadome Bandcamp. The tape edition will be handled by Cloven Hoof.

The inspiration and the concept for the album comes from the novel “The Golem” written by Gustav Meyrink between 1907 and 1914. The album’s five tracks represent a sophisticated black metal flight above the esoteric plot of the writer´s masterpiece. A tale of searching for the ascension through identity shifts, alchemical concepts and suffering, all set in a distorted vision of Prague.

Mixed and mastered at the infamous BST Studio (Aosoth, The Order of Apollyon, Totalitarian etc.).

The iconography of the album’s coverart was crafted by VIEW FROM THE COFFIN:

LAVADOME productions:



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Finnish Progressive Death Metal Band Denominate Release New Single/Video ‘The Chain’ From their Forthcoming LP ‘ISOCHRON’

Finnish Oulu-based progressive death metal band Denominate are set to release their second album ISOCHRON on July 24th 2020 via Inverse Records.

The band comments:
“This is the opening song of the album and coincidentally, the first song that was written for the album. It lays the setting and groundwork for the story of the album’s concept which is left for the listener to piece together. The song also eases the listener musically into the album, offering a balance between the straightforward and the complex. The song is also the shortest track on the album. The Chain was written in 2016, when the composing for ISOCHRON began.”

Listen to The Chain on:
Apple Music:

Social Media:

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Neon Empire Release Debut EP Distorted Reality

Irish metalcore band Neon Empire have released their debut EP Distorted Reality.
This band were really starting to make waves over the past nine months until our current situation halted all of course. They have just released their debut EP which has lived up to all the hype surrounding the band.
One to watch when gigs return and with a debut this solid behind them the only way is up!
They had this to say on Distorted Reality.

With this EP, we want to take you on a journey. This desire to deliver an immersive experience pushed us to experiment with multiple layers of electronic sounds. By using elements of Traditional Metalcore songwriting as a foundation, we have created a unique, dynamic sound with soaring melodies and gut-punching riffs at its core.

Our goal was to pair futuristic instrumentation with human lyrics, creating music that is both modern and deeply personal. The EP deals with themes of perseverance, self-doubt and human connection. With the current state that the world is in, we hope that people can find some solace in what we’ve created and that it allows them to escape their own Distorted Reality, even if just for a little while“.

Artist Bio:

Neon Empire are a 4-piece electronic Metalcore band, based in Dublin. The band was formed by guitarist/clean-vocalist Hassan Ali, originally intended to be a Solo Project. Over time, the addition of John Collard (Screams), Veronika Švecová (Drums) and Tom Ambrose (Bass) brought new song writing elements to the table and perfected the sound.

Since reaching their full lineup in August 2019, Neon Empire have released two singles, and have performed extensively in Dublin.

Most recently, they secured the Judge’s Vote in Heat 2 of “Bloodstock Metal to the Masses”, moving on to the semi-finals.

Check out a review of the gig HERE

EP Credits:

Production, Mixing and Mastering: JSR Studios (Facebook)

Artwork: Rob Walden Design (Website)

Video by Olga Kuzmenko –

Facebook –…
Instagram –…
Twitter –

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Lune Drop Single/Video ‘Misery Dialogue’ New EP ‘Ghost’ Out June 12th

LUNE – are releasing their debut EP ‘Ghost’ Friday, June 12th. Today they are dropping the last taste of the record before its release – ‘Misery Dialogue’. Pre-Orders for their debut 5-track EP ‘Ghost’ are live NOW at

A band already touted to be ones to watch, triple j unearthed‘s Tommy Faith said this — “LUNE] might just be the next heavy act we see coming through on a national level because this new record is a battering ram that’ll heed no obstacles and brook no defiance“,

New single Misery Dialogue is the second piece in the story of the Ghost EP. Vocalist Nathaniel Smith says that “The lyrics are an internal monologue of someone critically questioning their every action and purpose in an emotionally extreme way, letting their darkest and most self deprecating thoughts consume them. We all have thoughts of self doubt and self criticism from time to time but this song represents those feelings, pushed to the extreme. Set against a crushing and frantic instrumental, the song’s maddening tone paints the scene for the rest of the story to unfold.” The track premiered on Tuesday night on triple j’s The Racket with Lochlan Watt.

Formed in 2019 by former I, VALIANCE guitarist Krys Smith and brother Nathaniel Smith on Vocals – the group also features bassist Tyler Hendley, guitarist David Freeland (I, Valiance) and drummer Harrison Mills (Blind Oracle). Having already left their mark, with three singles already released – ‘GHOST’, ‘MANIPULATOR’ and ‘MIRROR IMAGE’, LUNE have amassed hundreds of thousands of plays and thousands of followers in the few months since their launch.

LUNE’s new single ‘Misery Dialogue’ will be available on all streaming and digital outlets with their GHOST EP on Friday June 12th. Pre-orders are live now at

For More Information, please go to

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