Sixth Extinction Release New Video/Single “Vivid Black”



Tipperary based grove metal monsters  Sixth Extinction have released a brand new video/single today as a taster of where the band are going next.

It’s also without doubt their strongest work to date!

We were sent their previous self titled EP to review earlier this year. I saw massive potential and gave it 8/10. 

I was very much right in regards to my view of where the band were going. I knew this band had something in the tank and they are firmly delivering on that promise. 

Their sound is moving even further away from their death metal origins. It’s also a massive progression on their previous EP. The foundations of what the band were becoming were set, and this track is a huge step forward in every regard.  

One to watch in 2017 and I’ll have to check this band out live. 

Check out Vivid Black here! 


Sixth Extinction are: 

Liam Ryan – vocals
Wojtek Orlik – guitars
Dave Fogarty – guitars
Lukasz Ryz – bass
Grzegorz Skowroński – drums


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Download/Stream all their stuff on Bandcamp:

Special praise from the band in regards to their fine work in the making of this video. 
Joe Gallagher at GAF Studios 
Patrick and Mark at Killer Turtle Productions

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The Burning Metal Awards Nobody Gives A Fuck About 2016 – Hall Of Fame – Trevor McCormack



This was an award I gave a lot of thought to. I was considering bands, promoters among others in the Irish scene. This will also be a separate part of our site when silly season is over…

After much consideration, I decided Trevor deserves an award. Even one as pointless as this one…

For seven years Trevor has dedicated great amounts of time to the Cranium Titanium Metal Show. The amazing thing is, he does it all for free. All the graphic design work, research, and travels into Galway city every Monday without fail to broadcast the show and promote underground music. 

I think he done 60 interviews overall this year? I didn’t contact him for clarification as I wanted this to be a surprise. It’s not every day you win a Burning Metal Award That Nobody Gives A Fuck About… 

Trevor really is the salt of the earth. He’s both a fantastic husband and father and you can tell he absolutely loves them all unconditionally. His loyalty to the show is a sign of what this man is about. A genuine, dedicated and loyal human being with no ego whatsoever. 

I’ve been lucky enough to be on the show on three occasions now and you’d never even think he was a well known member of the Irish scene. If it has gone to his head? It’s so well hidden he has probably forgotten it at this stage… 

He’ll be back on the air after the Christmas break and will no doubt continue this show for a very long time. You’ll hear new bands, Irish and beyond. Interviews any band on any level. He’ll just help you out no problem at all and will never look for anything in return!

The man is a legend of the Irish scene and that hero that would probably refuse to wear a cape. 

If we do any more gigs in Galway? Which we probably will but nothing planned as of now. I might get him one. Just for the shits and giggles… 

For now. Trevor, you are the first ever Burning Metal Hall of Fame Inductee. 

You’re a top class human being on every level and I wish continued success in both your personal and professional life. You deserve every bit of it man! 



Follow the Cranium Titanium Metal Radio Show on Facebook:

Flirt FM 101.3 at 8pm every Monday! 

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The Burning Metal Awards Nobody Gives A Fuck About 2016 – One To Watch – Axial Symmetry



This may seem a strange award, but then again nobody gives a fuck about them. So it doesn’t really matter.. 

This was one I actually gave a lot of thought to. My love for Axial Symmetry‘s style of death/thrash/black/industrial metal fusion clinched it in the end. 

In the assumption someone actually reads this, they may think “Hey! Didn’t you organise their EP launch tour..” 

Yes, but there’s a story behind how that all came together, but nobody gives a fuck about that either.. So all I’ll say about that is it just all fell together. Never planned, just happened. It was also the first time I had met any of the lads also. So fate or some shite like that… 

I was familiar with their earlier works and I always saw a lot of potential. They had such bad luck in regards to a steady line up, so the question always remained would it ever happen for them?

Thankfully they now have a steady line and all on the same page and it’s already evident you’ve got a serious fucking proposition on your hands now with this band.

Their live show is excellent and they look like a band. If that makes any sense… They kick it off and fucking annihilate the place for their duration onstage. One of the best live acts in this country hands fucking down! 

Looking towards 2017. They now have their EP “United Corruption” out in physical format and ready to kick on in a big way. They have belief and ready to take on the world. I for one can see it’s all there now. If they get the breaks? The sky really is the limit for this band. 

I’ve added a few links here both studio recordings and a live performance. Check them all out as they are excellent. 

Watch out 2017. Axial Symmetry are coming and they are going to kick you square in the bollocks!! 


A – 21 




United Corruption (Live in On The Rox, December 3rd 2016) EP Launch Tour.



Axial Symmetry are: 

Gavin Doyle – Vox/Guitars/Keys.
Matt O’Brien – Guitars.
Diego Rodrigues – Drums.
Dave O’Reilly – Bass.

Follow them on Facebook:…


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The Burning Metal Awards Nobody Gives A Fuck About 2016 – Best Album – Words That Burn



There were a few thoughts in my head regarding this particular award that nobody gives a fuck about. Due to the sheer magnitude of the achievements Words That Burn have accomplished in 2016 it was always a straight forward decision. 

When the lads dropped “Regret Is For The Dead”earlier this year, did anyone else think it was going to reach number 1 in the Itunes album charts? I know I didn’t anyway! I don’t think anyone could have predicted such an amazing accomplishment for a heavy Irish band of their stature in 2016.  

It was well deserved though! I was lucky enough to have received this album prior to release for review purposes, and I still stand by my words that it’s one of the best albums ever by an Irish band.  The dynamics are amazing! The whole album is a fucking work of art! 

I listened to it again today for the first time in a while and instantly thought, “Why don’t you listen to this album more?” It’s pretty much a perfect modern metal release. It has melody. Heavy as fuck! Clean vocals. Heavy vocals and loads more dynamics inbetween. 

“Last Breath” also has to be one of the best album outros I’ve heard in a while… 

Just listen to the album damn it! I’ve linked it below…

Time to wrap this up. Words That Burn! I commend you! You set the bar so high James Cameroon has gone back to finish off Avatar 2… 

The benchmark for Irish acts is here!! 

Album of the year hands down!! 


Check out “Unalive” here! 


Words That Burn are:

Roni MacRuairi – Vocals & Guitar
Ger Murphy – Bass & Vocals
Shane “Jelly” Martin – Guitars & Vocals
Jason Christy – Drums


Follow them on Facebook:

Buy/Stream “Regret Is For The Dead”:

Buy it on Itunes:


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The Burning Metal Awards Nobody Gives A Fuck About 2016 – Best Music Video – Xerosun



Something a lot of bands seem to miss the point on is the massive importance of a professionally made music video to showcase their work. Xerosun don’t fall under that umbrella anyway! 

Why is it so important? Sites such as Blank TV among others could potentially use it and introduce a band to thousands.

I don’t know does anyone watch Scuzz now. I’ll assume they do as it’s still alive… Needless to say, that’s another huge opening you will only get with a music video.

As for booking agents, management etc. I’m not talking your mate that can’t play an instrument. The top tier would demand a professional music video before even considering them.

Anyway, that’s enough on the business side of things. Not only is this an excellent song, it’s also one of the best music videos released this year full stop! I don’t know about that S&M shtuff now though, but sure if people want to bate each other with sticks or shove needles up their  holes or whatever it is they do. More power to them sure! 

Xerosun outdone themselves with this release and it’s a fucking shame this has less then 2,000 views. It deserves 200,000…. 

Check out “This Dark Rage” here. 


Xerosun’s “This Dark Rage”. Special thanks to:
Olga Kuzmenko – Video…
Alan O’Dalaigh – Video Assistant
Lorraine G. Higgins – Video Assistant

Mixing & Mastering by Eric Hill at Blue Room Studios California

Gillian Stapleton – Make Up Artist
Martha Jane O Conbhuidhe – Make Up Artist

Stacey Holinan – Actor / Poi dancer
Patric Aultice – Actor / Suspension…

John Yeates – Assistant
Hick O Aodha – Poi assistant
Morgan McKnight – For use of his property


Follow them on Facebook:

Subscribe on YouTube:


Check out “This Dark Rage” EP here via Soundcloud. 


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The Burning Metal Awards Nobody Gives A Fuck About 2016 – Best New Band – Jenova



As we are a new project ourselves, it’s probably fitting that the first award should be for the best new band in the history of 2016. 

There have been a few very good newly formed bands appearing this year, but none of them have had the year Jenova have. They played their first gig just over a year ago and since then have performed at “Siege Of Limerick”, reached the semi final of the Bloodstock Metal To The Masses competition, supported  Ne Obliviscaris and Abaddon Incarnate, along with many other achievements. 

At this point, any self respecting follower of the Irish metal scene has checked them out live. They really have been one of the most talked about bands this year and spread their name with their relentless gigging and vicious live show. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with them now on three occasions, and they are as good a live act as you’re liable to see. They are extremely tight and knock the bollocks out of it anytime they play. 

Bigger things are coming for this band. They are already confirmed to play a festival in the UK next year with Warpath and starting work on their debut EP will they shall begin recording soon. 

Watch this band fly!!! 

Check out “Nail The Eye” here! 


Jenova are: 

Brian J Harrington – Vocals
David Mooney – Bass
Cormac Jordan – Guitar
Dylan Kennedy – Guitar
Marco Persechini – Drums


Follow them on Facebook:

Subscribe on YouTube:


Buy merch! 



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