Pineal Gland Return With New Track Nowhere



Pineal Gland have returned! What a fucking return it is too! They recently released their new track “Nowhere” from their forthcoming album “Brainwashed Societies. 

Pineal Gland are an extreme metal project formed in Dublin, Ireland, by guitarist Jan Cichos, in 2012. The band’s style is a mix of thrash, death and groove metal, constructed around irregular mathematical patterns, and progressively leant time signatures. The Lyrical inspiration for ‘Brainwashed Societies’ focuses on modern day culture, current and future social, and political issues, and various conspiracy theories. Adding to this, the overall inspiration for the project is formed around ancient geometry, forbidden psychoactive substances, global mind control, and their connection with human consciousness, and the pineal gland.

I’ve personally listened to this track numerous times now and if this track is anything to go by, “Brainwashed Societies” is easily going to be in my top 10 albums of 2017. I liked their previous works, but this is a huge step forward! 

Marcin Gąsiorowski of “Thy Worshiper” is a guest vocalist on this track and they’ve also brought in Carl King from “Two Tales Of Woe” for a track on the album and that collaboration has already stirred my interest. 

I was of the impression this band had called it a day, as I hadn’t heard anything about them for a couple of years now! Great to see them back with this absolute monster! 

Check it out here! Absolute blinder! 


‘Brainwashed Societies’ was recorded and produced by Pineal Gland, in Dublin, Ireland, in 2016 and then the album was then mixed and mastered at Heinrich House Studio, Legionowo, Poland. 

This long established studio is well known for their previous collaborations with, Decapitated, Vesania, Masachist, and Polish metal legends, Behemoth.


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