Reverend JM’s Panic Worship Release New Video “The Unspeakable”



Dublin based Reverend JM’s Panic Worship are a band I’m familiar with since 2013. I caught them at a festival and was absolutely captivated by them. String Bass, a home made Tin can guitar, using a pitch fork and knife as instruments among many, many other aspects. To me, they were more metal than most metal bands out there. Haunting lyrics, genuine layer upon layer to their sound and Jim stalked the stage like a crazed murderer. 

I’ve gone on to see the band on three more occasions and they still had the same effect on me… While some that follow this site may not appreciate this particular form of Gothabilly or however you choose to describe it? Those that do appreciate this will have found a truly amazing new band that quite frankly, aren’t well known at all for whatever reason… 

This the Reverend at his most demented and finest! Probably my favourite release by them as of now. It’s just what they’re all about! 

Check out “The Unspeakable” here and make your own mind about them… 


If you enjoyed that? Then here’s a link to their Facebook page for more details.

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