Graveyard Dirt To Play Live!


Formed back in 1994/95.Inspired by the early Peaceville doom/death sound ,in the Summer of ’95 the band ventured into the studio and just 7 hours later emerged with their debut demo. Entitled “ Of Romance & Fire” , it contained 3 tracks , and went on to sell over 700 copies at the time and many more since including a limited re-issue on c.d. in 2007, and reached far-flung places such as Australia ,Japan ,Malaysia ,Argentina as well as most European territories , Germany and U.K in particular through respected distro ‘Black Tears’.

This demo was responsible for the band signing a 2 album deal with German label Ars Metalli which for various reasons never materialised. And with things grinding to a halt the decision was made to lay the band to rest .

However eventually the urge to record again returned and in August 2007 “Shadows of Old Ghosts” was released. Featuring 3 tracks spanning 34 minutes, this E.P sold well and was responsible for securing a 1 album deal with the German underground label Ashen Productions in 2009/2010. In June 2010 the band recorded their debut album entitled “For Grace or Damnation” which was released in Nov 2010 and has since become Ashen Productions biggest selling release, perhaps due to the many excellent reviews it has received in printed magazines and online webzines alike.

The band then went back into hibernation mode again due to some “musical difference” issues which saw 2 members leave before one returned to the fold for the bands most recent trip to the studio for the 2015 3 track EP “ The Siren’s Refrain”, recorded once again in Trackmix Studio in Dublin.

With great surprise it was recently announced they would be headlining Walpurgis Night VI on April 30th, Kelly’s Bar, Galway. They were approached about playing the event by Hexen Haus Promotions. As they had not played Galway, accepted their offer. Sending the Irish metal world into both a state of shock and excitement. 

I reached out to the lads as to what their future plans may be. At the moment, this is a one off! They have no plans to play live again so I would strongly suggest anyone interested make their way to Galway on April 30th. 

If this goes well and it doesn’t interfere with their writing process? They may play another show. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that, as they are a self described studio project and not about playing live.

Check out “Her Haunting Smile” from “The Siren’s Refrain”.  


Graveyard Dirt are: 
Kieran O’Toole – Guitars
Gary Sweeney – Drums
Tony Barr – Bass
Paul Leyden – Vocals


Link to their Facebook page for more details:


Joining them on the day: TOME, Owlcrusher, Genuflection, Ten Ton Slug, Soothsayer, Weeping Ulcer, So Much For The Sun and Stonecarver. 



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