Xerosun To Work With Esteemed Producer Kris Norris



Dublin based Xerosun have just signalled a high level of intent by announcing they are set to work with Kris Norris on their forthcoming release. 

The band recently played UK based FrankFest and set to compete for a slot at Wacken Open Air in Dublin’s Metal Battle Final. 

The band have released this statement on their collaboration. 

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Kris Norris Official who will produce our upcoming release. Kris is known from his work with bands such as Official Darkest Hour, Scar The Martyr,Threat Signal and more! We are beyond excited and can’t wait for you to hear the results. Stay tuned…


Considering the quality of their previous EP “This Darkest Rage”, this is going to be interesting. Good also, I expect it to be very good! 

Check out Repent, Rewind, Reset here! 


Link to their Facebook page for more details, links etc: https://www.facebook.com/xerosun/?ref=br_rs 

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The Burning Metal Awards Nobody Gives A Fuck About 2016 – Best Music Video – Xerosun



Something a lot of bands seem to miss the point on is the massive importance of a professionally made music video to showcase their work. Xerosun don’t fall under that umbrella anyway! 

Why is it so important? Sites such as Blank TV among others could potentially use it and introduce a band to thousands.

I don’t know does anyone watch Scuzz now. I’ll assume they do as it’s still alive… Needless to say, that’s another huge opening you will only get with a music video.

As for booking agents, management etc. I’m not talking your mate that can’t play an instrument. The top tier would demand a professional music video before even considering them.

Anyway, that’s enough on the business side of things. Not only is this an excellent song, it’s also one of the best music videos released this year full stop! I don’t know about that S&M shtuff now though, but sure if people want to bate each other with sticks or shove needles up their  holes or whatever it is they do. More power to them sure! 

Xerosun outdone themselves with this release and it’s a fucking shame this has less then 2,000 views. It deserves 200,000…. 

Check out “This Dark Rage” here. 


Xerosun’s “This Dark Rage”. Special thanks to:
Olga Kuzmenko – Video https://www.facebook.com/PhotoArtByOl…
Alan O’Dalaigh – Video Assistant
Lorraine G. Higgins – Video Assistant

Mixing & Mastering by Eric Hill at Blue Room Studios California http://www.theblueroomstudio.com/

Gillian Stapleton – Make Up Artist https://www.facebook.com/gs.treschic
Martha Jane O Conbhuidhe – Make Up Artist

Stacey Holinan – Actor / Poi dancer https://www.facebook.com/stacey.holian
Patric Aultice – Actor / Suspension https://www.facebook.com/iconic.art/?…

John Yeates – Assistant
Hick O Aodha – Poi assistant
Morgan McKnight – For use of his property


Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xerosun/?fref=ts

Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJQAbp5W1gOgoojhwt9dUQQ


Check out “This Dark Rage” EP here via Soundcloud. 


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Xerosun “This Dark Rage” EP Review

Xerosun “This Dark Rage” EP Review

Dublin based Xerosun recently released their new EP “This Dark Rage”, and I have to say I’m really impressed by it!

It’s hard to describe this bands sound. They really have developed their own sound with many influences and different genres in there. They describe themselves as Modern Extreme Metal, so I’ll go along with that one as I’m fucked if I can try to explain it to anyone. Good job I’ll be posting links here to their lead single “This Dark Rage” and a link to stream the entire EP via their official web site.

The EP kicks off with their lead single and title track “This Dark Rage” which is an brilliant way to kick things off. Excellent song! The growls mixed with melodic vocals really work and it sets the tone for what’s to come.  

“Anatomy Of A Lie” follows and doesn’t disappoint.  Another excellent song. 

“I Spared Hundreds” might be my favourite song on the EP, but with repeat listens I find I’ve a new choice each time. I’m jumping ahead a bit here, but the EP’s next track “The Mother of Morality” done nothing for me at first. Now I really like that song so this EP is a real grower! 

The EP concludes with “Repent, Rewind, Reset” and it’s an excellent way to close this EP.

In conclusion. This EP really needs to be listened to and not spoke about. I could have written a long in debt piece here, but all I really need to say is that this is an excellent EP and one of the most original releases you’ll hear from an Irish band.

This band will get really big in a just and fair reality!


Check out “This Dark Rage” here!


Xerosun are: 
Fiachra Kelly -Guitars 
Gareth Jeffs -Guitars 
Damian Dziennik -Drums 
Martyna Halas-Yeates -Vocals
David Kuchar -Bass

Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xerosun/?fref=ts

Subscribe to them on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJQAbp5W1gOgoojhwt9dUQQ 

Link to their Official Web Site where the EP can be streamed in the “Music” tab: http://www.xerosun.com/



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