The Burning Metal Awards Nobody Gives A Fuck About 2016 – Best Album – Words That Burn



There were a few thoughts in my head regarding this particular award that nobody gives a fuck about. Due to the sheer magnitude of the achievements Words That Burn have accomplished in 2016 it was always a straight forward decision. 

When the lads dropped “Regret Is For The Dead”earlier this year, did anyone else think it was going to reach number 1 in the Itunes album charts? I know I didn’t anyway! I don’t think anyone could have predicted such an amazing accomplishment for a heavy Irish band of their stature in 2016.  

It was well deserved though! I was lucky enough to have received this album prior to release for review purposes, and I still stand by my words that it’s one of the best albums ever by an Irish band.  The dynamics are amazing! The whole album is a fucking work of art! 

I listened to it again today for the first time in a while and instantly thought, “Why don’t you listen to this album more?” It’s pretty much a perfect modern metal release. It has melody. Heavy as fuck! Clean vocals. Heavy vocals and loads more dynamics inbetween. 

“Last Breath” also has to be one of the best album outros I’ve heard in a while… 

Just listen to the album damn it! I’ve linked it below…

Time to wrap this up. Words That Burn! I commend you! You set the bar so high James Cameroon has gone back to finish off Avatar 2… 

The benchmark for Irish acts is here!! 

Album of the year hands down!! 


Check out “Unalive” here! 


Words That Burn are:

Roni MacRuairi – Vocals & Guitar
Ger Murphy – Bass & Vocals
Shane “Jelly” Martin – Guitars & Vocals
Jason Christy – Drums


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