The Burning Metal Awards Nobody Gives A Fuck About 2016 – Hall Of Fame – Trevor McCormack



This was an award I gave a lot of thought to. I was considering bands, promoters among others in the Irish scene. This will also be a separate part of our site when silly season is over…

After much consideration, I decided Trevor deserves an award. Even one as pointless as this one…

For seven years Trevor has dedicated great amounts of time to the Cranium Titanium Metal Show. The amazing thing is, he does it all for free. All the graphic design work, research, and travels into Galway city every Monday without fail to broadcast the show and promote underground music. 

I think he done 60 interviews overall this year? I didn’t contact him for clarification as I wanted this to be a surprise. It’s not every day you win a Burning Metal Award That Nobody Gives A Fuck About… 

Trevor really is the salt of the earth. He’s both a fantastic husband and father and you can tell he absolutely loves them all unconditionally. His loyalty to the show is a sign of what this man is about. A genuine, dedicated and loyal human being with no ego whatsoever. 

I’ve been lucky enough to be on the show on three occasions now and you’d never even think he was a well known member of the Irish scene. If it has gone to his head? It’s so well hidden he has probably forgotten it at this stage… 

He’ll be back on the air after the Christmas break and will no doubt continue this show for a very long time. You’ll hear new bands, Irish and beyond. Interviews any band on any level. He’ll just help you out no problem at all and will never look for anything in return!

The man is a legend of the Irish scene and that hero that would probably refuse to wear a cape. 

If we do any more gigs in Galway? Which we probably will but nothing planned as of now. I might get him one. Just for the shits and giggles… 

For now. Trevor, you are the first ever Burning Metal Hall of Fame Inductee. 

You’re a top class human being on every level and I wish continued success in both your personal and professional life. You deserve every bit of it man! 



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