The Burning Metal Awards Nobody Gives A Fuck About 2016 – One To Watch – Axial Symmetry



This may seem a strange award, but then again nobody gives a fuck about them. So it doesn’t really matter.. 

This was one I actually gave a lot of thought to. My love for Axial Symmetry‘s style of death/thrash/black/industrial metal fusion clinched it in the end. 

In the assumption someone actually reads this, they may think “Hey! Didn’t you organise their EP launch tour..” 

Yes, but there’s a story behind how that all came together, but nobody gives a fuck about that either.. So all I’ll say about that is it just all fell together. Never planned, just happened. It was also the first time I had met any of the lads also. So fate or some shite like that… 

I was familiar with their earlier works and I always saw a lot of potential. They had such bad luck in regards to a steady line up, so the question always remained would it ever happen for them?

Thankfully they now have a steady line and all on the same page and it’s already evident you’ve got a serious fucking proposition on your hands now with this band.

Their live show is excellent and they look like a band. If that makes any sense… They kick it off and fucking annihilate the place for their duration onstage. One of the best live acts in this country hands fucking down! 

Looking towards 2017. They now have their EP “United Corruption” out in physical format and ready to kick on in a big way. They have belief and ready to take on the world. I for one can see it’s all there now. If they get the breaks? The sky really is the limit for this band. 

I’ve added a few links here both studio recordings and a live performance. Check them all out as they are excellent. 

Watch out 2017. Axial Symmetry are coming and they are going to kick you square in the bollocks!! 


A – 21 




United Corruption (Live in On The Rox, December 3rd 2016) EP Launch Tour.



Axial Symmetry are: 

Gavin Doyle – Vox/Guitars/Keys.
Matt O’Brien – Guitars.
Diego Rodrigues – Drums.
Dave O’Reilly – Bass.

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