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The Vicious Head Society, the brainchild of Irish guitar virtuoso Graham Keane.  “Abject Tomorrow” shall be released on 24th March 2017. Featuring guests such as keyboardist Derek Sherinan of “Alice Cooper” fame, bass player Pat Byrne also of Hedfuzy, and drummer Kevin Talley.  Abject Tomorrow is sure to please the ears of progressive metal fans and most metal fans in general. 

The vast majority of the album was recorded in Keane’s home studio with vocals, drums and other guest musicians being outsourced to their own recording facilities. The album was then mixed and mastered at Dark House Estudios in Mexico. 

As with most progressive records Abject Tomorrow is no different in the sense that it is a concept album. The story is based in a dystopian future in which all humans are required to have emotion inhibiting implants implanted from birth. One man’s implant fails and it chronicles his journey of discovery and reconnection with his humanity. Musically, it draws from a huge range of influences; from classic prog acts that influenced Keane growing up, such as Yes, Genesis, ELP and Rush to metal acts such as Death, Meshuggah and Megadeth. 

After many years of production. The finished product is complete! So, is it any good? This isn’t good. This is a masterpiece! An absolute musical masterpiece! It’s hard to describe as there’s so much going on in this album. But take all your favourite Prog albums. Opeth and other great progressive metal bands. Put them all in a blender and out this comes. It’s that good! 

The album has so many layers and different tones as any concept album should. It’s a musical journey start to finish. I don’t “smoke” anymore, but if I did? I’d be unemployed as I’d just have this album on constantly and forget to go to work… 

The album kicks off with “The Sycophants” which is pure prog magic. Then leads into the albums title track “Abject Tomorrow”, which I shall link below as it’s freely available online for quite a while now. Then we have “Downfall” which is another prog masterpiece with gutter vocals in there and closes in a sea of violins. “Agenda” is 10:51 long and man, it’s just unstoppable. You’d ignore important phones calls while it’s playing as it’s such a journey musically. 

The album follows on with “The 11th Hour”, followed by a purely instrumental track in “Psychedelic Torture Trip”. “Gods Of The New Age” is the albums penultimate track and another blinder. We then reach the albums closing track “Analogue Spectre”. All I can say about that song is wow. Just wow! An insanely good way to close this absolute masterpiece of an album! 

I calling it right now. This is my album of the year! Nothing will touch this for me personally in 2017. There’ll be other albums I’d really like of course, but this is just another level! It’s easily one of the best albums ever made by an Irish act. Hands down! It won’t appeal to everyone of course due to the albums length and the fact it’s a concept album. But, those who get it will love this album and shall play it on a regular basis and every time it will get better. It’s that good! 


Check out the albums Title track “Abject Tomorrow” here! 


1. The Sycophants
2. Abject Tomorrow
3. Downfall
4. Agenda
5. The 11th Hour
6. Psychedelic Torture Trip
7. Gods Of The New Age
8. Analogue Spectre


Link to their Facebook page for more info and how to pre-order “Abject Tomorrow”



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