The Vicious Head Society Release New Lyric Video Agenda



The Vicious Head Society aka Graham Keane have just released their new lyric video for the track “Agenda (I) Cryptograms (II) A Digital Self”. Depending on the day? It’s possibly my favourite track on the album. The track is 10:51 in length and an absolute musical journey!

“Abject Tomorrow” is a concept album based in a dystopian future in which all humans are required to have emotion inhibiting implants implanted from birth. One man’s implant fails and it chronicles his journey of discovery and reconnection with his humanity. So always better when listened to as a body of work, but as a standalone track this is still an absolute masterpiece!

It’s prog by definition, full of riffs, amazing lead guitar work with harmonic vocals and death metal style vocals in there also. So much going on in this track I could be here all day…

Check it out here and be prepared to be blown the fuck away! 


Graham is also running a competition at present to win a band t shirt. Head over to thier Facebook page for more details on how you could win one. 

There’s also links to purchase or stream “Abject Tomorrow” so get onto that if this track floats your boat. It’s incredible!



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