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Limerick based Third Island are a three piece that play some of the most ambitious material I’ve heard in quite a while! Three songs on their EP “Dusk” and a running time of 32:13. 

Were they successful? In short, yes! The EP mixes Doom, Sludge, Stoner and a few other genres with Doom being the forefront. All three tracks held me and I really enjoyed it as a body of work.

I’m a big fan of Prog, so really long songs are always going to appeal to me. Well, unless it’s shite… There in lies the problem this band may face with a lot of people. The average music fan wants a hook and 3:30 in length. So you have a applaud their decision to make this EP and recorded what they wanted to… 

Considering this band only formed in 2015, they are really on the right track here. The vocals are a bit iffy at times, but that’s about the only gripe I can find. It’s very minor though! Everything else is excellent. They can construct a great song with melody, riffs, heaviness and hold you throughout. 

This is a band I have to check out live at some point. I’d be very interested in seeing how it comes across in a live setting. 

As for a score on this EP. I’d have to give it 8/10. It’s a very good EP, and makes me very much look forward to what they release next as they continue to grow as a band over time! 

Check out their full EP “Dusk” here! 

1. Thawed my Skin (00:00)
2. Come Now (11:08)
3. It’s Moving (20:18)

Third Island are: 
Liam O’Connor
John Quill
Seamus Quaid

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