Top 10 Singles Of 2020

As we all know it is common for bands to release what was once known as the single. Changed a bit now but if a band release a stand alone track or drop a video to accompany a track before or during an album/EP cycle I would declare it a single. These are ten tracks I found my self returning to on numerous occasions. Short descriptions as it’s all about the music.

LIK – Morbid Fascination

Swedish death metal act LIK release their album Misanthropic Breed this year and this was their lead single. The album is excellent but I find myself returning to this song/video the most. It’s absolutely brilliant!


Dog Tired – Lord Of The Vile

Dog Tired from Scotland released their album The Electric Abyss last year and this was their official music video/single for the album. One of the best underground bands in the UK without question!


The Enigma Division – The Neon Mirage

I firmly expected The Enigma Division to be in my best albums of 2020 list but 2020 happened and it was pushed back. They have released a few singles off the album but out of all I consider this to be the strongest. It’s Bladerunner metal basically and absolutely brilliant!


Mushroomhead – The Heresy

Mushroomhead released their album It’s A Wonderful Life this year. A solid album without question but this track was a step above. The change to a female co-vocalist has worked but it excelled with this track. I’ve listened to this track likely more than any other this year. It’s incredible!


Psykosis – Tossed To The Dogs

Psykosis returned this year with their single Tossed To The Dogs. More is on the way but again 2020 happened. An excellent band that never fail to disappoint. Thrashtastic!


Cattle Decapitation – Bring Back The Plague

Cattle Decapitation released their video/single for Bring Back The Plague and it’s maybe the greatest thing to happen in 2020. The time of toilet paper hording will live on forever. Not our brightest day as a race…


Filth – Hell

Filth were in my best EP list yesterday and here again with their track Hell. It’s so damn good it deserves to be here. An excellent track and one I’ll return to again and again!


Enshroud – Deception

Another band that was in the best EP list yesterday. This track is absolutely brilliant and I’ve probably pushed the YouTube views up a lot over the past few months. A masterpiece!


AC/DC – Shot In The Dark

AC/DC returned with their album Power Up and lead single Shot In The Dark. It won’t be in my best albums list because it’s basically another AC/DC album with out offense. This single deserves a shout though as it was great to have them back.


Soothsayer – Outer Fringe

Atmospheric doom act Soothsayer released their first single Outer Fringe from their forthcoming album that is due next year. It’s bizarre and maybe challenging to some, but to me it’s a fucking masterpiece!


That concludes my ten best singles of 2020 list. A mixed bag yet again but that’s how I roll.

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