Ward XVI Unleash Metamorphosis LP

Deep inside the walls of Whittingham Asylum, a new inmate is tortured mercilessly at the hands of those who  keep her. Consumed by a ferocious rage, she succumbs to the comfort of insanity. What emerges from the  shadows is more evil and profane than any of her tormentors could have imagined… 

‘Metamorphosis’ challenges everything you think you know about the notorious fiend, Psychoberrie. Travel  back to the very beginning and ask yourself: is evil born, or made?  

A mother’s love, formed in a haze of dolls and daisies, is blackened by merciless addiction. A little girl seeks  protection from the broken and abandoned, anything to quell the monster that comes at night. Corrupted by  unspeakable cruelty, pious innocence undergoes a malevolent transformation. Experience the elation of a first  kill and the debauchery that ensues, culminating in a desperate run from the law.

Dare you enter Ward XVI, maximum-security for the mentally deranged? Once more, the gates of Whittingham Asylum have been cast open.
Freaks and outcasts, oddballs and inbreds – all are welcome.

Took me a while but I finally got to listen to this album in its entirety. To sum it up. It’s easily one of the most interesting and entertaining albums I have heard this year. It’s just so different from everything else and in an age where originality is uncommon this band have it in spades!
It won’t be for eveyone, but those that get it just love it!
Utterly brilliant album from an extremely underrated band that should be a lot bigger than they are!


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