Zylum Call It A Day 



Nenagh based Industrial/Darkwave Metal band Zylum have sadly announced they are calling it a day. As someone who has followed the lads since their Borderline Prime days, it saddens me to see this happen now as they have recorded their best work to date and due to debut it at the next Siege Of Limerick. 

Ruairi O’Baoighill collaborated with them on this material and as he was also on the bill. They could have unleashed it all and went out with a serious bang! Instead they have made their decision, but life changes as you get older. The lads have families etc now and it’s hard to balance everything. Philly is also Bass player with “Unkindness Of Ravens” who are set to start recording their new material.. They have their reasons and we shall sadly have to accept it! 

As their EP “Pray For Nothing” never actually saw the light of day, It would be just wrong if this material wasn’t heard. I’ve got it here for you to stream. Appreciate how good this band were and the massive hole left in the Irish scene without them. They really had their own thing going on! 

So here it is! Pray For Nothing 

Track 1. Valley Of Redemption 

Track 2. Crown Of Thorns

Track 3. Christian Rituals 

Track 4. Destroyer

Track 5. Reaper

Zylum were: 
Philly Brett – Bass and Vocals
Andre Foley – Guitars
Ashley Holt – Drums

Collaborated on the EP. Ruairi O’Baoighill

Previous members. 
Gerry McNamara – Drums 
Ronan Shanahan – Keyboards 

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